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To restrict access to any building, entrance doors are installed. Along with metal structures, wooden models are very popular, which are distinguished by their high strength and long service life. Wooden entrance doors look beautiful in any architectural ensemble, reliably protect the house from the cold, have good sound and heat insulation characteristics, as well as aesthetic appeal.

Features and benefits

The door design includes a frame (box), filling (sash), mounting, decorative and locking fittings. All these components are reliable protection against burglary, are highly resistant to mechanical damage. Wood lends itself well to coloring and finishing, therefore, according to an individual project, you can order a product strictly according to the size of the entrance opening in a unique design and choose any color.

The main elements of the entrance door

The advantages of wooden entrance doors:

  • high strength;
  • durability;
  • long service life;
  • environmental friendliness of the material;
  • harmonious combination with architecture;
  • decorative appeal;
  • pronounced texture of wood;
  • moisture resistance (when treated with antiseptics).

Natural wood lends itself well to processing and carving, it can be combined with paneled inserts, MDF and sandwich panels, metal fragments, filling of various types.However, given the harsh climatic conditions, it is worth paying attention to the insulated options, the design of which uses a double sealing circuit and a threshold to prevent cold from entering the premises.

Products from natural wood are presented in a wide range of shades and in various styles (modern, hi-tech, minimalism, classic), so you can easily choose an interesting option.


Class of entrance doors made of wood

The final price of the door depends on the cost of the materials used in production, as well as on the performance of the product and its visual appeal.To meet the needs of a wide range of consumers with different material capabilities, manufacturers produce insulated doors for houses and apartments of several classes.

Consider the main differences between doors of different categories:

  • Economy- simple design, cheap filling, laconic decoration, affordability, budget fittings.

  • Standard- a complete set of inexpensive models is better than in the economy class, more interesting design solutions.

  • Premium- the most expensive and high-quality models, exclusive design, double contour of insulation, valuable wood species.

Depending on the budget, the buyer can choose an inexpensive economy door for a private house or an elite model with a long service life. Some manufacturers also divide their products into optimal, comfort, luxury, elite doors. In specialized companies, you can make an order according to an individual sketch.

Varieties of models

Depending on the production technology, entrance doors are classified into three broad groups: solid wood, paneled, panel doors. Products vary in performance and cost. The main parameters that you should pay attention to: dimensions, deaf and non-deaf filling of the doors, design, opening method, finish and shape of the structure.

Solid wood

Models from natural solid wood are the most beautiful among the manufactured door designs.Expensive types of wood are used for their manufacture: oak, beech, ash, larch, cedar, more affordable - pine. Outdoor products are made of high-quality boards with a thickness of at least 50 mm, the fragments are connected using tongue-and-groove piles.

Advantages of products:

  • maximum thickness of the door leaf;
  • low thermal conductivity of the solid mass;
  • high strength and reliability of the box;
  • good thermal insulation characteristics;
  • the possibility of cladding with other materials.

The canvas from the massif can be smooth or with a carved pattern in the form of landscapes, animals, ornament, decorative figures.

Doors from a natural solid can be used for installation in an apartment, private house, office. Woody species of dense structure do not allow cold to pass through, therefore, it is not necessary to insulate products for use in mild climates. For harsh winters, it is necessary to choose products with an internal insulation, laid along the contour, in order to prevent the formation of "cold bridges".

On the video:making an entrance insulated door from the sapele massif.

Paneled doors

Paneled entrance doors are in great demand among consumers. They are made from natural wood, or rather, laminated veneer lumber or MDF.The layout of street structures depends on the climatic conditions in which the entrance doors will be used. To insulate the sash, you can use a heat-insulating material on the inside, on which leatherette is sewn.

The main advantages of paneled entrance doors:

  • "warm" assembly due to the use of natural wood materials;
  • the ability to glue the canvas outside with decorative veneer;
  • Optimum rigidity due to horizontal and vertical cross members;
  • reliable connection of elements with pins and pins;
  • High strength and reliability of the entire structure.

Glued laminated timber is mainly used for filling the paneled doors. It is characterized by good resistance to deformation, so the products have optimal performance characteristics. You can install street models at the entrance to a house or apartment.

If the entrance doors are made using MDF profiles, the service life of the product will be lower. These models are best installed indoors.


Shields made of natural wood are used in the production of shield and frame products.The thickness of the fragments is 40 mm, the width is 10 mm, the method of placement on the door leaf is any - horizontally, vertically, diagonally. On both sides panelboard door leaves are faced with MDF, fiberboard, lining.

The main advantages of panel board entrance doors made of wood:

  • are deaf (solid), hollow and small hollow, which affects on the price;
  • Different materials can be used as insulation;
  • insulated doors perfectly protect the house from the cold;
  • , unlike metal models, they do not form frost and condensation;
  • the panel door frame "will not lead" when measuring temperature and humidity;
  • can be supplemented with a metal frame for added rigidity.

Entrance doors must withstand harsh weather conditions regardless of product manufacturing technology. Considering the peculiarities of the climate on the territory of our country, it makes sense to order insulated external doors, which are produced not only in Moscow and other regions of Russia.

How to choose insulated doors

Cold from the entrance or from the street penetrates into the premises through the door gaps between the sash and the casing. To solve the problem of heat saving, it is recommended to install insulated wooden entrance doors. They are made of materials with low thermal conductivity, which do not allow cold to pass through and do not release heat to the outside.

But how to choose the right warm wooden doors? Consider the list of criteria:

  • The door leaf must be resistant to low temperatures and changes in humidity.
  • A special draft seal must be installed along the outer contour of the door.
  • Optimum thickness veneer or MDF outer trims prevent cold penetration.
  • The doors are filled with insulation materials - cellular cellulose, polystyrene foam, expanded polystyrene, mineral wool.
  • Availability of high-quality locking and assembly fittings - locks, hinges, crossbars, door closers, handles.

Double structures have the highest thermal insulation characteristics - two canvases are installed in one box. The first door restricts access to the house or apartment, while the second (inner) retains heat well. In the closed position, an air cushion is formed between the wooden sashes, which improves thermal insulation.

For additional protection from the cold, high-quality insulation is laid along the contour of the canvas.


Increased requirements are imposed on the entrance doors, since the products must restrict access to the house, protect from the cold and have a beautiful design. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the quality of the product - sealing with heaters and seals, the reliability of hinges and locking mechanisms.

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