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Wenge doors in the interior of the apartment will give that zest that was so lacking. It's all about color - it is a dark shade with a clear light pattern of natural wood. Wenge is the embodiment of style and should be used with caution.

Features and types of wenge doors

The wood from which these interior doors are made actually exists in nature. Trees can reach 20 meters in height, and the maximum thickness of the trunk is 1 m.

Wenge may have other names:

  • Congolese Rosewood;
  • Avong;
  • Bokong;
  • African rosewood;
  • Dickela.

Under the influence of sunlight, as well as thanks to the energy of the earth, this tree from Africa acquires shades of chocolate and gold. The texture and tone is determined by the specific location where this Congolese rosewood grew.

The physical characteristics of wenge are similar to those of oak. Wood has almost the same shock resistance and extraordinary strength.

A cut of a wenge tree

The material contains a huge amount of various essential oils that prevent fungus, mold, and insect reproduction. Wenge is a valuable and expensive tree. This is worth considering. The fact is that this wood is very difficult to process. But, speaking about the features, it is imperative to say about the color, because this is the highlight of wenge products.

This color is one of the darker shades of brown. Sometimes the tone can even go to black.You can often find red and red tones - and this will also be wenge. There is a similarity to the walnut, although the color range of the walnut is much wider and captures more light tones. It is also necessary to highlight the texture - a large and lighter pattern clearly stands out against a dark background. Therefore, wenge is a common name.

The color of wenge is quite practical from all sides - no dirt is noticeable on such a surface.

There is no real wenge in our country, and if there is, the price is completely inadequate. Most often, manufacturers use oak and imitate the texture and color of wenge.Oak has a crisp texture that is shifted towards darker shades. Manufacturers also paint or varnish the walnut. Doors of lower price categories with imitation wenge are made using veneering.

Now the color of wenge is any material that has a rich dark color with a brightly visible texture of natural wood. In modern design, dark-colored walnut, oak are widely used, and chocolate nuts are also used.You can often find a floor in wenge color, plinth. Interior doors are made from any type of wood, and the shades are obtained by tinting with varnish.

Solid wood doors and paneled structures are on the market today. By the way of opening, they are divided into the following types:

  • Single and double doors.

Double-leaf wenge doors with a clear texture

  • Swing and sliding.

Wenge doors with sliding opening mechanism

The curtain can be as with glass inserts or a wide variety of materials, and without them. The door can be painted or unpainted, the surface is glossy or matte.

Solid wood doors are very rare due to their high cost. This is a real luxury. Models from the lower price range use finishes from the following materials:

  • natural tinted and unpainted veneer;
  • artificial coverings made of eco-veneer, fine-line, skin-eco-veneer;
  • wenge-colored PVC film.

Mainly, coniferous wood is used as a material - the frame is made from it. Next, the veneer is glued on top.

Veneer painted in wenge color

In the video:wenge color in furniture design and interior design.

Combination of wenge color with other colors in the interior

Wenge doors in the interior look very stylish and harmonious. Designers recommend choosing lighter wall finishes, for example, pastel colors - shades of pink, peach and beige - are perfect.

To make furniture with wenge doors look good, choose sets with decorative elements made of light wood - for example, bleached oak is suitable.

The wenge color palette is widely represented - it contains, along with dark brown, chocolate and dark purple notes.If the interior in the room has beige tones, then the color is elegantly combined and nothing else needs to be done in the decoration of the apartment.

The use of decorative stained glass windows or frosted glass inserts will add zest - modern interiors do not look complete without these materials.

Wenge is compatible with red - such a composition is possible with any of the shades. Dark brown wenge interior doors in the interior of a house or apartment will set off the excessive saturation of scarlet.Shades of red can easily cope with the slightly mundane dark color of doors, giving the door leaf dynamics.

An interior with red wallpaper will not be boring, especially if a milky hue prevails. It goes well with wenge.

The best combination of white and wenge is considered, this is the basic of all possible options.Thus, you can decorate the interior in all rooms of the apartment - from the bedroom to the living room, bathroom and other premises. White together with wenge will not only allow you to get harmony, but also give great opportunities for the manifestation of imagination. It is enough to choose bright accessories for the decor, and the room at the moment will be transformed beyond recognition.

Gray wenge will make you more restrained, solid. This is how functional and modern apartments are designed. This option is popular for hi-tech and minimalism.Considering the peculiarities of wenge, you can get a maximum of three classic colors - white, gray and wenge. This is widely used by designers. Here you can break the rules a little and pick up accessories of other colors.

Choosing doors in wenge color

The door is chosen depending on what color the floor or laminate is, and what the room is furnished with furniture. The reckoning here has to be about contrast, and that's a winning idea. White glass inserts in a dark veneer canvas will perfectly harmonize with light interiors.

The design of the door is chosen based on the possibilities of the room.Somewhere sliding structures will be comfortable - compartment doors or folding models of the accordion type. The spacious rooms use a traditional swing design.

Door surface finishes of all popular brands are almost always painted.It is not profitable from an economic point of view to make natural veneer from natural African wood. But even a painted door with a veneer surface will make the interior more sophisticated. The doors look presentable and attract attention.

There is no need to be afraid of painted veneer. It is no different from natural. The same can be said about products laminated or glued with PVC foil.

Why choose such doors?

To create an exquisite interior, it is enough to purchase such doors, and half the job is done. Products are made very carefully - precise lines will highlight any ideas. The color fits perfectly into the main style solutions. You don't need to have a designer's imagination here, because the doors will do everything themselves - they are perfect.

Wenge doors are combined with neutral and contrasting colors, decorative elements add romance or severity. They can become exactly the part of the interior that was so lacking.

Choosing a suitable model

Most of the products are veneered or panel solutions. These are inexpensive designs that are suitable for everyone who has a great desire to change their apartment or house in simple ways. The choice must be approached responsibly - not only the color is important, but also the fittings, the quality of the finish and much more.

The main series can be distinguished:

  • Doors Ligaare products from peeled fine-line veneer. The canvas is rectangular, has internal glazing.

  • Doors from the Orbita seriesis a canvas made of a bar, pasted over with a PVC film. There is glazing.
  • ​​

  • Breeze Seriesare also affordable doors made of MDF. PVC film is used as a coating. The frame is made of pine. Decorative elements make this model popular.

  • Omegais another economy class. The canvases are made of MDF, finished with PVC foil. There are models with a decorative insert.

Which wallpaper will fit the wenge doors?

These doors only need light wallpaper. With the help of a contrasting effect, the interior will acquire elegance and restraint.The walls do not have to be made white: turquoise, pink, light blue, wallpaper are combined with wenge. Everything is decided by well-placed accents.

The most classic combinations: wenge doors and gray, beige walls, cold wallpaper pastel shades.

How to choose a laminate under a wenge door?

Laminate can be the same color as the door.Veneered doors can be perfectly combined with dark walnut and dark oak. The flooring must have a wood structure.

Light floors can be with imitation cherry, alder, bleached or golden oak. Take a look at the photo.

The color of wenge can significantly transform the interior. And if such a task is not worth it, in any case, such doors are worth purchasing. Write in the comments how else you can fit wenge doors into the interior, post photos.

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