We serve the table with taste: selection of dishes, cutlery and accessories [stylish sets]

When preparing for a feast or gala dinner, all the attention is paid to the menu. But the decorations, as well as the beautifully served table, are also very important. When cutlery and fancy crockery are positioned correctly on the table, it can take the reception to the highest level. Meals served beautifully create a greater appetite. Table setting is an art that requires adherence to rules and nuances, but it is not as difficult as it might seem. In the process, utensils are used for table setting - let's find out all about it.

Choice of dishes

Modern utensils are made from various materials, but traditionally they use products from ceramics and glass, porcelain and faience. High-quality porcelain dishes are durable and elegant, while earthenware items are less protected from mechanical damage and high temperatures.

For setting the festive table, you can use earthenware products, but porcelain is more preferable. It is recommended to get a large service from the mezzanine, including about 40 items. And this amount is sometimes not enough. Also in the process, porcelain mustard plasters, pepper shakers, ashtrays, salt shakers and much more are used.

Ceramic dishes are in great demand, as they are simpler, original and hygienic. Glass products have practically no strength, but these dishes are often used for serving.

You can put on the table plates made of colored glass, soldered from different pieces, or black and white. This will emphasize individuality and good taste.

Often on holidays they put on the table and crockery made of crystal. She always and at all times looks expensive and aesthetically pleasing.Crystal is a sign of excellent taste and wealth. Such dishes create an atmosphere of extravaganza and majesty. Glass and crystal glasses are almost always used for serving drinks.

The most convenient and most practical both in large restaurants and at home are stainless steel utensils and objects. These products not only look great, they can be heated without any harm.Many people also use plastic products in table setting, some of them can imitate glass externally, they look simple and at the same time modern.

Naturally, plastic plates are unacceptable - you need to respect the guests, but some additional elements are even very acceptable.


Today there is a huge mass of different sets for table setting. Some may include up to 35 types of plates alone.

A typical set should include:

  • soup bowls;
  • dishes for salads and snacks;
  • pie plates;
  • cups with small saucers;
  • a candy bowl;
  • a menagerie.

You can put a shelf on the table - it serves fruit. This product consists of several bases on one leg.


A plate is a fairly young subject. She came to our country in the 15th century. In France, they began to use it only in the 14th, and it was distinguished by its square shape. Many different plates are used in modern table setting. Let's consider their main types.


Depending on the menu, the following types of plates can be placed on the table in a certain order:

  • Serving room.It has a large diameter and is fairly flat. Other plates are placed on it, intended for appetizers, soup, main courses. Cleared from the table just before serving dessert.

  • Soup.Deep, intended for serving first courses. If the soup will not be served, the soup plate is removed and an item with appetizers takes its place. Cream soup is served in a soup plate, broth and clear soup are served in a special thicket.

  • Pie.This plate is used for bread, croutons and butter and is placed to the left of the soup plate. On the right, a butter knife is placed on a pie plate.

  • Small dining room.This plate is used for main courses such as side dishes or hot dishes with side dishes.

  • Diner.It may vary in size, but on average its diameter does not exceed 31 cm. A deep plate is placed on the table if pasta or other pasta is on the menu.

  • Dessert.Used for serving desserts. There are two types of it - shallow and deep. The first is needed for those desserts that are served with sauces, the second - for fruits and mostly sweet desserts.

  • Chill plate.Presented in the form of a shell and intended for salads, stews, oysters.

  • Menazhnitsa.Placed on the table if the menu includes fondue, some types of salads, side dishes.

  • Fish plate.Most often it has an elongated shape, for example, in the shape of a fish, and is intended for serving fish dishes on the table.

  • Herring.Similar to a fish plate, but smaller, herring and canned fish are placed in it.

  • Caviar plate.As the name suggests, it is intended to serve caviar, has a small size and diameter.

  • Dish.This is a large plate. Its shape can be round, oval, square. It is used for cold dishes of meat, fish, poultry, sandwiches.

  • Saucer.Small flat plate on which to put cups for tea or coffee.


Serving plate dimensions are 40-50 cm in diameter, shallow dining room a plate - from 24 to 32 cm, a plate for snacks - 26-31 cm, a dish - from 40 to 45 cm, the diameter of a game plate is not more than 12 cm. The length of a fish plate is from 33 to 37 cm, and its width is - 23-26 see


Traditionally, you can see standard round plates in the best restaurants in Moscow. But often in the same restaurants, dishes are served on square items. In stores, you can buy dishes in the form of a leaf, a starfish.Modern tableware does not have to be standard, therefore it is widely used to create interesting compositions.


The rules do not prohibit serving tables with non-standard dishes. The most important thing is that she does not break the style.

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Well-known companies

In modern times, dishes are produced everywhere. These are domestic brands, companies from China, and European manufacturers. Among the assortment, there are also quite high-quality products. There are good and beautiful products from Russian enterprises. You can also buy high-tech cookware.


attention to this product.It is one of the leading European manufacturers. The company has been awarded with certificates more than once. The peculiarity of the products is in a special heat-resistant borosilicate glass, from which all items are made.

The sets are universal - they are not afraid of thermal stress, they can be used for frying, baking, microwave ovens, ovens.

Simax is practicality, elegant design, transparency, resistance to high temperature exposure, absence of harmful impurities. The range of products has everything for a beautiful setting.


This company is the leader among domestic producers. The assortment has everything - from utensils for cooking various dishes to beautiful and elegant collections for the holidays.The company manufactures products from ceramics, glass, glass ceramics. The catalogs contain interesting types of tea-interior items.

The products of this company are perfect for any occasion. The manufacturer guarantees high quality products.


High-quality porcelain dishes are also made in Poland. This is the Lubiana company.This is the best value for money. The assortment includes all the necessary items, as well as accessories for table setting. These sets will help you create the best table.


Forks and spoons, knives and other cutlery for table setting, distinguished by European quality, sophistication and sophistication are produced by the Inoxriv company.This is an Italian brand that manufactures goods in its own factories. The brand has a history of 65 years. Guests will love these products.

By color

Psychologists have long proven that the color of dishes from which people eat affects perception and appetite. It is enough to go to any restaurant and look at the color of the plates in which delicious dishes are served. Let's find out which color influences what.

White dishes

These are the dishes that serve the best dishes in any restaurant. Why? White color makes any dish richer and tastier than it actually is. The color does not distort the taste sensations, does not cause rejection.White plates are not recommended for those who really want to lose weight, and for a good evening, serving the table with white dishes is an ideal choice.

Black and white cookware

This solution does not have the features of the pure white version. Previously, only members of the imperial families ate from black and white dishes, but today it is available to everyone.This color came from the East, and was popularized through tea ceremonies. This teacup was more affordable for all segments of the population.

There is a little secret here - with the help of this particular dish you can get a table of several options for a variety of occasions:

  • white items are suitable for classic holidays;
  • black - for romantic dinners or parties;
  • Black and white solutions are ideal for trendy holidays with oriental stylings.

Finally, the dishes look very attractive and rich on different backgrounds. The black background makes the dish mysterious, and the white background brightens it up. If you decorate the table with bright paper napkins, you can get an interesting composition.

Stylistic options

These are solutions with a specific theme - table can be arranged for a specific holiday - Christmas, New Year or Easter. Together with such items, the very perception of the table and the design of the kitchen change:

  • Sets for children's parties are made from the safest materials. Dinner plates are decorated with naive drawings - they will cause a feeling of tenderness even in an adult.

  • A green set with natural motives will be good for classic Provence or country style kitchens. A tablecloth made from natural materials will also be very useful.

  • For a romantic setting, products are purchased in delicate shades - these are pale pink, sky blue. Such items will very favorably emphasize the exquisite taste.

Stylish tableware

For table setting in minimalism and high-tech styles available in metallic or dark colors square plates.The devices are also modern and technological. Glasses and water jugs are usually made of glass and have laconic shapes.

Fashionable tableware

Ordinary glass bored the designers - they repainted it in all the colors of the rainbow.Plates painted in indigo color, wine glasses of the color of the first spring greens, multi-colored glasses are in vogue today.

Also a new word in the kitchenware fashion - asymmetry. This is not a factory marriage, but one of the latest fashion trends. Cups, plates, saucers with uneven edges, sloppy nodules instead of handles.There are even glasses with different edges.

Another trend is gilding. Now the golden border is not enough. All products are completely covered with precious metals. You can't forbid living beautifully!

Dishes in a ribbon

The Ribbon presents products of famous brands, these are items for cooking from Marble, Primapack, Pasabashe Bogram and others. You can also purchase sets of Angel (for children) and Crystalex. The supermarket's website offers a wide range of Luminarc kits.



No holiday, dinner or lunch is complete without cutlery. They are different for different dishes. Let's consider the main types.


Devices are divided into main and auxiliary. The former include canteens, snack bars, fish, dessert and fruit utensils.Variants for original dishes are sometimes added. The devices are made of silverware, stainless steel and other materials.

The classic set is a table knife, fork and spoon. A snack bar is a snack fork and knife. For fish, a special fish knife and fish fork are offered. For a festive dinner at home, this is enough. You can find exotic appliances in restaurants.

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Accessories for serving

Serving is not only plates and forks with knives. These are various accessories. Today you can buy unique candlesticks, napkin holders, lanterns, champagne buckets, cloth napkins and much more. These accessories will make your table look irresistible.

That's all there is to say about the dishes. A beautifully laid table will take the holiday to a new level. Share your serving methods in the comments.

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