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Creating a unique design in an apartment helps to fill it with coziness... In this fascinating process, the most important thing is the correct approach to business and the clear implementation of instructions for the materials used. Particular attention should be paid to the walls, the most important part of the room, onecolor schemeof which can raise or lower a person's mood.

DIY interior decoration is now available to everyone, so there are many different options to improve wall design.

The building materials market will help to realize any daring fantasy, to approach the process creatively and with soul. As a result, it is possible to achieve a radical change in the interior of the room with the help of improvised or budgetary funds. Wall decor with wallpaper is one of the available ways to add variety to the interior.

Types of decoration

Plain wallpaper is not the best solution for creating unique design in the apartment, so it's better to look at brighter and more unusual options.

In order to decorate the walls with wallpaper, you can use:

  • photo wallpaper;
  • classic;
  • euros;
  • vinyl.

Each of these will be reviewed separately to help make the right choice.Often, the original design of the walls is achieved by combining different colors and textures.In the end, decorating becomes not only an aesthetic component of a room, but also a way to hide its imperfections. For example, highlighting one wall with contrasting wallpaper, you can divert attention from the unevenness and cracks of the other.

Photo wallpaper

Photo wallpaper allows you to create a very special atmosphere for the room with your own hands. They are large 3D images on the wall.

Among the advantages, we can note such factors as:

  • this type of wallpaper does not require the use of glue;
  • the ability to reproduce on an individual order anydrawing, or choose from the options already existing in the store;
  • high quality, allowing the image to remain bright for a long time;
  • Attractive and unusual appearance.

Such wallpaper will be an interesting solution for any interior and will visually expand the space in the room.

Photo wallpaper is suitable only for perfectly smooth walls without cracks. The DIY gluing process should be done in full accordance with the instructions.


Classic options are ideal for a country-style room interior. They are made in neutral, often white shades and are decorated with simple patterns.The most important thing is not to choose options for dirty brown shades with incomprehensible patterns, they are suitable only for African motifs in the interior, the classic beige will be the optimal replacement.

Classic wallpapers are most often used in bedrooms and living rooms, but in principle they can be glued anywhere. They are not suitable for contrast or space zoning.

Visually make the room brighter and more comfortable. The classic options used on the walls of the room are unlikely to make the design of the room more unusual, but they will look harmoniously with any additions - posters, paintings, and so on.

Classic wallpaper can be decorated with hand-made painting - it will look original and give the room a special comfort. Various geometric shapes, inscriptions, flowers and anything else can act as patterns - all this will help to complete the decor for the wallpaper.


Euro wallpaper for decoration can be considered the complete opposite of the classics. They are decorated with lushornaments, often made in gold colors. Most suitable for rich interiors or for the creation of similar ones. When choosing euro options, it is important not to overdo it, since they will not fit into every room.

The positive side of euro wallpapers is the fact that they hide possible irregularities near the wall, as they are often made with convex decorative details. Vinyl variants have the same "masking" quality.


Vinyl finishing materials differ from the rest in the variety of options and strength, which ensures long service life. This detail in the interior can be made in any style, which cannot be said about the euro and the classic. Most often, you can find vinyl wallpaper in sand and beige colors, but you can find a variety of multi-colored models.

Well suited for zoning space, and thanks to the embossed surface they can draw attention to themselves. Vinyl wallpaper has a pleasant touch texture.

Do-it-yourself applications should be done with the utmost care, and vinyl materials require regular maintenance afterwards. They are specially designed to be hand washed.

Which shades are best for you?

Colors in a person's life mean a lot, especially those that have to be observed every day. The hue of the wallpaper sets the tone of the mood for the whole day, so the choice should be taken not only from the side of style, but also paying special attention to the color factor.

Dark and depressing shades such as black or purple are strongly discouraged. Even if such wallpapers fit perfectly into the interior, they will not bring much joy.

White materials should not be feared if the color does not evoke negative associations. Of course, it is better not to purchase dazzling white wallpaper, but options with different finishes are ideal for "airy" interiors.

DIY decorating involves weighing all the pros and cons, so the choice of colors must be taken responsibly.

The original solution will be a combination of various textures and shades, only they must be combined with each other. For delicate room styles, vinyl wallpaper is suitable.

As a result, we can say that with the correct decoration of the walls with your own hands, you can achieve an extraordinary design and a cozy atmosphere. The most important thing is that a large selection of materials will allow you to indulge in experiments. The main thing is to think them over carefully.

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