Top 7 things from Leroy Merlin that will ennoble your summer cottage for a penny

Every summer resident wants to have a beautiful, spectacular and memorable site. Many people believe that making a real fairy tale for the whole family out of a summer residence is difficult and expensive, but this opinion is wrong. We offer top 7 budget items from the usual Leroy Merlin - with them, any site will be transformed without fabulous investments!

Garden fence "Summer resident"

Price: from 390 rubles.

A nice fence in the form of small pegs with a wooden texture will help you decorate the beds, flower beds and even paths in an interesting way. It will make the area look more neat. The decor is made of high quality plastic, which is not afraid of heat and moisture. The product is fastened with strong long pins of their metal. It is sold in several shades - brown, green, terracotta.

Decorative tapestry

Price: from 50 rubles.

The assortment of the store has many variants of decorative tapestries - special holders for flowers and climbing plants. They are made of strong wire that is held securely in the ground. You can install the trellis in the garden, on the flower bed, by the porch or along the fence. It will help protect plants from damage during the wind and redirect their growth vector. In the catalog of Leroy Merlin there are many tapestries of various shapes, sizes and heights: in the form of a treble clef, harp, butterfly, classical arch.

Circular sprinkler for irrigation "Butterfly"

Price: from 310 rubles.

The colorful butterfly shaped sprinkler helps in stationary irrigation of flower beds and lawns. The product is made of durable, wear-resistant plastic. The extended holder is made of high quality aluminum. The Butterfly Sprinkler irrigates the garden or summer cottage as it rotates. The irrigation range is about 5 meters and the spray area is about 80 m2. The device is easy to use and will perfectly complement the décor of the country.

Decorative stone chips "Yashma"

Price: about t 670 rubles.

Decorative stone chips in a classic brown shade will help transform the most boring area. Small crushed rubble of random shapes is a favorite type of decor among landscape designers. The material allows you to beautifully decorate paths, flower beds, alpine slides, ponds, barbecue areas and flower pots. Weighted crumb, laid on the ground, helps to protect the area from weeds and pests. Also, the crumb retains moisture well in the ground, protecting flowers, bushes and trees from drying out and temperature changes. The original packaging contains 25 kg of crumbs.

Garden lamp London

Price: from 180 rub.

Spectacular garden lamp in the form of a lantern will become a real decoration of the local area. The device has built-in LEDs powered by solar batteries. Charged from the sun during the day, the area will be illuminated in the evening with cold white light. The luminaire has a low height, a light plastic body and a deep fixing pin.

Decorative pond (120 l)

Price: from 1890 rub.

Summer residents will not find such a budget artificial pond anywhere else. It has a small volume, so it will not take up much space and at the same time will decorate the territory. The bowl is made of frost-resistant plastic, which is easy to clean. The parameters and design of the bowl are suitable for fish habitat and planting of aquatic plants.

Lawn seeds "Lawn City"

Price: from 200 rubles.

These seeds will help summer residents and residents of private houses grow the lawn of their dreams - even, bright and dense. Seeds sprout quickly even on land where nothing has been growing for a long time. The finished lawn perfectly withstands trampling and is unpretentious in maintenance: it only needs one watering per week. The mixture contains fescue, ryegrass and timothy seeds. One package is enough for sowing a 30 m2 plot.