TOP 5 best epoxy resins: how to choose, advantages and disadvantages of each

Epoxy resin is widely used in various fields: from industry to amateur crafts. Resins and hardeners are present in the compound of this composition. This allows the substance to remain transparent after solidification. On the shelves, you can see many compositions from different manufacturers. We've ranked the top 5 epoxies based on customer feedback.

TOP-5 of the best epoxy resins

The list of the best includes 5 epoxy resins from different manufacturers:

  • Diamant;
  • Epoxy River;
  • Aqua Glass Citrus;
  • KER-828;
  • ED-20.

Each lineup has its own unique characteristics and characteristics. You need to familiarize yourself with them in more detail.


An epoxy resin called Diamant is produced for various needs. The manufacturer produces both specialized formulations for jewelry and ordinary amateur resins. The composition differs in its absolute non-toxicity and safety. The resin is diluted to working condition in a 2: 1 ratio, the hardener is included in the kit. Complete curing of the epoxy for at least 24 hours. You can pour 1.5 cm of thickness at a time. It is pleasant to work with the liquid, it has an optimal consistency. Any dyes can be added to the resin, the finished product does not darken and retains its original appearance for a long time. Price: from 700 rubles.


  • safe composition;
  • Required amount of hardener included;
  • the ability to tint;
  • Comfortable consistency for work.


  • not identified.

Svetlana U. From time to time I buy epoxy resins for my hobby. I had to use different compositions, Diamant turned out to be the best. Its consistency allows you to attach different items to the product. The kit contains the right amount of hardener, you don't have to dilute the resin by guessing. Ideal for home use.

Epoxy River

Commercial version of epoxy resin. Suitable for pouring furniture elements, countertops. It is sold in volumes from 1.4 to 28 kg and includes a hardener. It is quite easy to dilute the resin to obtain a working solution, it is enough to observe the ratio of 10: 4. When diluted, a viscous substance is obtained without the formation of bubbles. It is recommended to fill in the composition in layers of no more than 2-2.5 cm each. At least 8 hours must elapse between the casting of layers, complete hardening occurs within 24 hours. The composition is suitable for use by non-professionals, it is easy to sand and process. The price starts at 1390 rubles.


  • volume options;
  • ease of use;
  • good result;
  • hardener included.


  • not identified.

Gennady V. I am engaged in the manufacture of furniture. The resin from this manufacturer is completely satisfied with its characteristics. You can buy a container of any size, the kit always contains the required amount of hardener. The maximum size of each layer is sufficient and larger than that of some other manufacturers. A good epoxy resin for both manufacturing and household use.

Aqua Glass Citrus

Epoxy resin under the trade name Aqua Class Citrus is widely known on the Russian market. Popular for its absolute transparency. It is produced in containers with a volume of 750 to 6000 g. The dilution ratio of the hardener is 2: 1, the required amount is sold as a set. The resin can be used to make souvenirs, paintings, jewelry, etc. With a thickness of up to 1.5 cm, complete hardening occurs after 8 hours. The consistency of the composition has a moderate viscosity and absolutely does not form bubbles. After hardening, it does not turn yellow and remains transparent. Cost: from 900 rubles.


  • non-toxic;
  • transparent result;
  • different packaging volumes;
  • Dyes can be added.


  • not identified.

Marina K. I buy resin from this manufacturer for making handmade jewelry, this is my hobby. For all the time of my hobby, I had to try different mixtures and compositions. This one turned out to be the best. It remains completely transparent after solidification, does not turn yellow, and there are no bubbles in the finished product. The resin can be tinted if desired.


Epoxy resin is similar in its characteristics to ED-20, but has more advantageous qualities. The consistency is a little thinner and lighter, but after hardening it does not have such hardness. Difficulties with final processing may arise. Sold in volumes from 1 to 50 kg. There is no hardener included, you need to buy it separately. Various dyes can be added to the diluted mixture. The result is a glossy surface with a water effect. Price: from 700 rubles.


  • different packing volumes;
  • no bubble formation;
  • can be tinted;
  • a lasting result.


  • not identified.

Vladimir A. I use epoxy resin from this manufacturer for pouring floors. I buy containers of 50 kg, it is very convenient. The mixture is easily stained with any dyes, while retaining its transparency. The surface is glossy and durable, but requires some skill in the final processing. This is due to the characteristics of the mixture.


Epoxy resin, made in accordance with all the requirements of GOST, the quality of the mixture is the highest, regardless of the point of sale. The resin is used in various fields, it is suitable for the production of radio equipment and for household use. The composition can be mixed with different hardeners and fillers. Accepts any dyes and substances. By adding certain compositions, you can change the characteristics: improve the consistency, reduce or increase the viscosity. The peculiarity of ED-20 resin is that it darkens over time, to reduce this effect, you need to add colors and pigments. You can buy epoxy for a price starting from 1320 rubles.


  • produced according to GOST;
  • can be combined with chemicals;
  • is universally applicable;
  • affordable price.


  • gets darker with time.

Denis L. I have been using ED-20 resin in my work for several decades. It is the most reliable product for many types of jobs. The resin is suitable for making furniture and decorations. The consistency can be adjusted at your discretion to such a state that even vertical surfaces lend themselves to pouring. The composition has one feature - it darkens over time, but if you use different pigments correctly, then this can be avoided.

How to choose

When choosing an epoxy resin, you must first focus on the application. There are absolutely professional formulations, they will be difficult for everyday use. It is better to choose a resin that already has a hardener in the kit. Typically, its volume is fully consistent with the dilution rate of the resin package.

It is important to pay attention to the safety of the composition, it must be non-toxic. The hardening time of resins is different, it depends on the manufacturer and the maximum permissible fill layer. For amateur use, whimsical options are not at all suitable, which are very difficult in final processing. However, they produce the highest quality products.

The resin is initially completely colorless and can be tinted with dyes. When choosing products, you need to pay attention to the possibility of combining the mixture with different dyes, decorative elements and pigments. To a large extent, all epoxy resins are compatible with standard colors.