TOP 5 best acrylic paints for painting: pros and cons, real reviews

Acrylic as a medium for painting is a relatively recent invention. The first acrylic paints date back to around the mid-twentieth century. Despite this, many artists managed to fall in love with them for their huge color palette, environmental friendliness and the ability to create images on almost any surface. Another useful property of such paints is very fast drying, which significantly speeds up the work on a painting or other image. Consider today the highest quality acrylic paints that have earned high praise among artists.

TOP-5 of the best acrylic paints for painting

The list includes:

  2. “Acryl-Art”;
  3. “PEBEO”;
  4. “Master class”;
  5. Winsor & Newton.

Let's consider each in more detail.


This is a professional paint that can be applied to a variety of surfaces - canvas, paper, cardboard, leather, wood and others. It does not have a pronounced odor, it is absolutely non-toxic. These paints can be purchased separately, in tubes or bottles, or you can buy already formed sets. Like any acrylic paint, “BRAUBERG ART CLASSIC” dries quickly without changing its color. It can be diluted with water if necessary. The color obtained by painting comes out uniform, bright and does not require application in several layers.


  • high quality paints;
  • saturation and variety of shades;
  • Convenient packaging;
  • reasonable price;
  • can be applied to any surface.


  • soft metal of the tubes, which easily wrinkles when unscrewing the cap.

Natalia K: “I bought a set of Brauberg paints from the Classic series, I wanted to try to paint a picture with acrylics. Previously, I had no business with acrylic paints, I painted in oil, so at first I was pleasantly surprised by the price. Compared to oil paints, it is very low. Of course, there are some nuances - for example, while I was mixing paints on a palette and painting one of them, the rest had already dried up. Here you need to approach a little differently, and take only those colors that you will use right now. What we liked - very rich shades, easy to lay down and no unpleasant odor. What I'm dissatisfied with is the packaging. Almost all the labels from the tubes fell off when I unscrewed, because the lid dries up and needs to be opened with force. Overall, rating the paint would give four out of five. ”


Artistic paints, the palette of which includes about 60 different colors and shades. "Acryl-Art" are intended primarily for easel painting and wall paintings. However, paints can also be successfully used on glass, wood, concrete, brick, plastic, natural stone, etc. They can be used by both professionals and novice painting lovers. When applied, they give a semi-gloss effect. “Acryl-Art” paints do not contain pigments with heavy metals or other harmful substances, so they can be bought even for children. They are sold both in sets and separately, in tubes or jars.


  • can be drawn on any surface;
  • thick consistency allows the paint to be diluted with water;
  • do not wrinkle or turn yellow on the surface after a long time;
  • water resistant;
  • are highly lightfast.


  • thin tube walls;
  • there are complaints about too thick consistency.

Olga U.: “I often use these paints for painting, I prefer the decoupage technique. I like very bright, saturated shades, the paint lays down in one layer without any additional drawings. It dries up in an hour and a half, which is also very convenient, because sometimes you need to quickly return an order. It is consumed very sparingly, I usually buy in cans of 100 ml, it lasts for a long time. I did not notice any shortcomings, the paint is of high quality and good, does not fade over time and does not fade. Thanks to the manufacturer! ”


These are water-based acrylic paints that can be applied to any surface, both hard and flexible.... Can be used for drawings on cardboard, canvas, metal, plastic and other surfaces. After drying, the paints give a matte shade. The manufacturer presents a chic selection of shades; the level of ink density is also indicated on the tubes. They are waterproof, do not have a strong odor, and fit well on the surface. It is possible to mix "PEBEO" paints both with each other and with paints of another manufacturer.


  • nice price;
  • good quality;
  • large selection of colors;
  • Durability and resistance to light and moisture.

Disadvantages of this paint were not found.

Rina T.: “I would like to share my opinion about Pebeo Studio Acrylic paints. Not the cheapest paints, but their advantages more than cover the price per tube. I took them for painting on fabric. What can I say: the paint is durable, does not wash off, the layers dry quite quickly, while forming a glossy film. After application, after drying, they do not lose color, which made me very happy. The shades are just as bright. As I intended, I used them for the fabric. After that, the thing was already washed and soaked - the drawing remained in place, nothing fell off and did not crack. I painted old sneakers with the remains - they also look chic and paint adheres perfectly. I recommend giving it a try. "


These paints are produced in Russia by the well-known manufacturer “Nevskaya Palitra”. He enjoys a good reputation among all those who are engaged in artistic craft. The paints are distinguished by their brightness and purity of shades due to their high pigment content, and are intended for both children's creativity and professional artists. They can be purchased as a set of 12 colors, or you can buy the desired shades separately. Produced in reliable metal tubes.


  • excellent value for money;
  • can be used for any surface;
  • highly pigmented, resulting in purity of color;
  • are environmentally friendly and odorless.

No significant disadvantages could be found.

Svetlana Kh.: “Unlike oil, which dries for a long time and has an unpleasant odor due to solvents, acrylic does not smell and dries in a couple of hours. I decided to use it to work on a new painting and settled on the manufacturer Nevskaya Palitra, well-known among our artists, namely, Master-class paints. Friends, this is really great! I am completely delighted with the colors - bright, you can paint with pasty strokes, there is no smell, they dry quickly. To begin with, I took a set of six basic colors, now I plan to expand the range. If you are writing to order, these paints are a great choice and inexpensive at the same time. ”

“Winsor & Newton”

These are professional acrylic paints from an English manufacturer with a long history. This company is widely known among professional painters around the world for its huge range of high quality paints and goods for artists. The palette of acrylic paints consists of 60 colors, the paint can be applied to any degreased surface with a synthetic brush or palette knife. You can also buy the desired shade separately.


  • excellent quality;
  • high hiding power;
  • color brightness;
  • pasty consistency for economical use;
  • Resistant to wear, light and water.


  • quite high price.

Katrina: “I am a master of wedding glasses. I used to use acrylic paints from another manufacturer, but a friend advised me to try Winsor & Newton. Of course, these paints are worth their money. I am extremely happy, because they are very dense, bright and at the same time do not fade when dried. A friend uses her to paint on her nails. I liked the tubes, they are very comfortable, they do not twist when squeezed out. The paint is excellent, without any flaws, the colors on the tubes are fully consistent with the shade of the paint itself inside. I plan to use it further. "

How to choose an acrylic paint and what to look for

Before buying acrylic paints, consider for what purpose they are for you required. If you are planning to paint a small item or a small canvas, you can limit yourself to buying a basic set of six pieces. For larger formats, it is better to buy paint in tubes or in a set of 12 colors at least.

Also pay attention to who will draw. For children, the simplest set from the series for amateurs will be enough, but for a professional artist this will not be enough.

What else to look for when buying, besides the volume?

  • Is there any pigment in the composition. It gives brightness and saturation to color. If the composition contains only dyes, this is not the best option for painting.
  • The degree of grinding of the pigment. It is usually indicated on the paint itself, or ask the seller. The finer the grind, the richer and brighter the color will be when applied.
  • Quality. It is best to buy paints from trusted manufacturers. There will definitely be no harmful additives in their products.