The best indoor palm trees for your interior

Decorative effect palm trees can transform any interior, and who can refuse an extra corner for a selfie? Choosing this tree, it will always remind you of an exotic vacation in warm countries - and even if the weather outside the window, it does not matter! In people's homes, you can see an abundance of flowers, but the palm tree is no less worthy option. Because of their large size, palm trees are most often found in large houses, but if the design allows - why not try to fit a palm tree into it? Let's talk about what types exist for the home and briefly tell you what kind of care they need.

Date palm

The date palm brings zest to the interior, but in order for it to please you with its appearance, it should be properly looked after. This beauty looks best in loft and eclectic interiors. As soon as the sapling releases feathery leaves, it needs to provide as much light as possible. The best option is to put a palm tree on the balcony, if, of course, it's sunny outside. The date is very fond of water, therefore, in no case should the soil be allowed to dry out. This plant loves warmth; temperatures should not be allowed below 15 degrees.


This type of palm is often used in thematic photo shoots - this beauty resembles the tropics, by the way, she comes from Australia. What pleases me is that this palm tree is unpretentious in care, it is not surprising that it is popular among flower growers. Hovea quickly adapts to the room microclimate, tolerates large temperature drops and releases only a couple of leaves a year. This beauty grows in Australia on hills or basalt rocks. There are 2 types of hovei:

  • forster (exceeds the height of the ceilings of apartments - it grows from 3 to 3.5 meters);
  • belmore (grows up to 12 meters).

The palm tree prefers a warm climate - in the summer it is useful to take it out on the balcony. Hovea perfectly complements modern minimalist designs; a classic-shaped floor planter is best for her.

Strelitzia Nikolay

This is a very spectacular exotic plant that will perfectly fit into a dining room or large room. A characteristic feature of the palm is large green leaves. They are the most important advantage in the exterior of the plant; many photographers boldly use it for photo shoots, setting it in a studio. Strelezia significantly transforms the interior, filling it with the chic of tropical forests. This plant can often be seen in prints and paintings. Requests to leave may be discouraged. Streletia needs very competent, attentive care. Its leaves need to be sprayed every day. Provide this palm tree with daily hydration and sunshine and it will reward you with its superior look.


Palm with a sonorous name is a popular plant from Central America, which growers love to grow at home. The size of this beauty, growing in natural conditions, is impressive - it can reach a length of 8 meters. Home yucca is distinguished by compact plants - it does not exceed 1-2 meters in length, but even with such dimensions, it looks like a real giant against the background of other plants! Yucca charges the house with positive energy and has a positive effect on health. The plus is that the plant does not need frequent watering, which busy people will appreciate. But for active growth, it needs to be placed in a well-lit place.


The name, of course, is in the palm tree, you will break your tongue! But this beauty will "take" you to romantic Madagascar and fill the space with freshness. Due to the beauty of exotic leaves, chrysalidocarpus is popular among flower growers, in addition, it is not demanding in care. This palm tree not only looks gorgeous, but also makes you feel good, it:

  • increases the humidity of the air;
  • enriches the air with ozone and oxygen;
  • has a positive energy.

It is important to place the plant in an area well lit by the sun. It is worth warning - a palm tree will delight you with its beauty and health only if you do not forget about regular spraying. When choosing a pots for chrysalidocarpus, feel free to experiment! It can be put in a basket or wooden box - it all depends on the interior.

For information: Spray a palm tree, regardless of the species, carefully. This can be done with rain or distilled water.