Stylish and cozy curtains for the hall (+40 photos)

When developing the design of a modern living room, special attention should be paid to the choice of curtains. Luxurious and elite curtains for the hall will become a real decoration of your home.

Before buying curtains for the hall, you need to think carefully about everything, consider several different options, decide on the color, texture of the product.

You can purchase ready-made products or original curtains for the hall for sewing. It is not easy to choose curtains for the living room, you better look at several of the most suitable options in advance, pay attention to fashionable novelties, make all the necessary measurements and calculations. So, it will be easier for you to decide and order exactly those curtains for the hall that will look the most advantageous.

Fabric and texture

The designof the room will be unfinished without curtains for the hall. Today, fashionable designer products of various colors, sizes, colors can be purchased at an affordable price.If you have already made the most important decisions about the color and texture of the walls, the style of the room, the choice of chandeliers, lamps - it's time to move on to the curtains in the hall.

When buying curtains, pay attention to the material from which they are made. Modern design products can be one textured or combined.

Most often they are made from the following materials:

  • atlas;
  • silk;
  • satin;
  • velor;
  • velvet;
  • plush.

The canvases themselves can be of various sizes, matte or glossy, covered with prints and collages. If you need night curtains for the hall, then it is better to pay attention to denser materials or multilayer curtains. Ready-made and relatively inexpensive curtains for the hall are presented on the modern market in a wide range. Elite and chic organza curtains with an overflow effect look good in the interior.

Aluminum threads woven into the fabric give the hall curtains their characteristic shine. So, when the artificial lighting is turned on, the curtains will slightly shimmer, in some cases you can even observe a change in shade.

Shade of the curtain

Do not choose curtains for the hall with a bright poisonous shade. Too dark curtains in the living room will not look the best. It is especially not recommended to purchase curtains for the hall in a dark burgundy, blue or brown shade if we are dealing with a small room with a low ceiling.The interiorof a small-sized living room is best decorated using light colors. Stylish designer products in golden, beige or pastel pinkish shades are quite suitable for you.

Light curtains for the hall will look great in any interior. It is with their help that you will be able to profitably design the living room and add chic to the familiar design.

When in front of him is a living room with insufficient level of natural light, dark curtains for the hall of saturated colors are simply contraindicated. Not too dense classic curtains for the living room, made of light weightless materials: silk or satin, are suitable here. A bright room can be decorated using dense curtains of a chocolate or burgundy shade. Make sure that the curtains for the hall in your home interior do not come into contrast with the color of furniture or wallpaper.Ideally, the curtains should be the same color as the wall decoration in the apartment. A maximum difference of 1-2 tones is allowed.

It is important to place emphasis correctly. So, if you want to focus the guests' attention on any detail in the interior, for example, on a massive piece of furniture, select the curtains for the hall to match it. This will help you achieve harmony. Follow the rules of "warm" and "cold". Decorating the modern interior of the room, the windows of which are facing the sunny side, you can afford the curtains of the hall in cold shades: light gray, bluish, lilac.

The curtains for the hall, with windows facing north, should be made in warm colors. You can purchase ready-made elite products in beige, milky or golden shades.

Design Features

The design and shape of the curtains on the hall are crucial. Original solutions, fresh ideas are welcome here.

On sale you can find ready-made novelties:

  • elegant multi-layered;
  • products from thin airy fabrics, light texture;
  • heavy dense items of velvet or satin;
  • drapery materials;
  • original design items.

When we are faced with the task of decorating the interior in a small apartment with a low ceiling, we should not purchase short curtains. So, you will only visually reduce the distance from the floor to the ceiling. It is better to purchase curtains that are not too wide from a flying light material that will not burden the interior.

Elite accessories matching the style will complement the design.

Carved short models made of several layers of material of different color and texture will help to add luxury and grace. Complex stylistic solutions are not acceptable for every interior. However, when it comes to decorating your living room, you can experiment.

Choose finished products taking into account the design of the living room:

  • classic - symmetrical and elegant models with eyelets or lambrequins;
  • Baroque - lush luxurious curtains with drapery, embroidery, tassels and hooks;
  • modern- asymmetrical drapery, bright colors, layering;
  • Provence - lightness, grace, natural shades, an abundance of light colors, not too dense fabrics.

Modern manufacturers provide the buyer with a huge range of products. All that remains is to make your choice in favor of the model that most advantageously emphasizes your special style.

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