Style and color are the main components of a beautiful table setting

One of the activities of designers is table setting and decoration. The primary task is to match a certain style or theme. Serving refers to the arrangement of appliances and accessories in the correct order, and the design and decoration of the table complements the nuances and embodies the chosen direction. There are quite a few ideas, and each of them has its own characteristics.

Table setting in style

Maintaining a single style is possible only with the help of harmony between all the elements that are involved in serving and decorating. ​​Tablecloths, napkins, dishes, cutlery and the smallest figurines - all of them must form a single ensemble and be designed according to certain rules.


At its core, the loft style does not accept coziness and comfort in the general sense. It is characterized by the use of brickwork, bare beams, protruding pipes. All this looks more like a workshop in a factory than a canteen.

To achieve the desired effect, they try to combine new glossy things with well-worn elements that have wear and tear and an unpresentable look.For example, in the first place is a table made of wood, on which forged coasters are placed in parallel with dazzling glasses made of glass, rubbed to a dazzling radiance with modern kitchen technology.

The complete absence of tablecloths when decorating the table in the direction of the loft, however, like any other textiles, is welcomed.

In the fall style

All the delights of the golden palette of autumn will give a lot of ideas for decorating a table in the fall style. Especially when you take a closer look at the look of autumn leaves, berries, fruits and find out all the beauty of the shades.Natural autumn colors can be borrowed from nature: yellow and orange, light brown shades with small blotches of greenish and red.

Leaves will become an indispensable attribute when decorating a composition in autumn style. You need to select them in different shades and shapes.In this way, wealth and a festive atmosphere can be achieved. Table decoration is realized in different ways: you can scatter dry leaves on the table, collect them in bouquets or form them in the form of wreaths.

The emphasis is on the bright colors of autumn food. It can be cupcakes and pies in the form of autumn leaves, dishes decorated with specific elements, or pumpkin soup of a unique bright shade.

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Country and Rustic

Simplicity in the rural version is a characteristic feature of the country style.The distinctive elements are wildflowers and natural textiles.This can be a linen, cotton and flannel tablecloth. The usual decoration on them is small flowers, a cage or a strip.

The dishes are chosen from old times; pots are used for flowers. For additional design, coarse twine or skeins of thread are used. Shades are neutral, slightly faded in the sun. Typically, country music is designed in shades of gray, brown, beige, terracotta and green.

Let's imagine several options for the country-style table design:

  • The French design is made with an arrangement of neutral tones. Gray-brown in combination with a hint of caramel can be traced in all elements (tablecloth, dishes, ceramics and menu). Closeness to nature is realized in the creation of compositions using driftwood, white and pink gerberas with gypsophila.

  • in jars decorated with straps of ribbons instead of vases. The belts must be diluted with twine. Cuts from wood act as supports for dishes. The decor is supplemented with jars, which instead of lids have ornaments made of fabric in a cage, tied with twine.

Similar to country style - rustic direction. Its characteristic features include: simple wood furniture, an antique table, a linen tablecloth.All these elements exist in every home. Flowers such as daffodils, tulips and primroses are used for decoration.

Cones and twigs are the integral attributes of a rustic-style composition.

Minimalism and Scandinavian style

The hallmarks of minimalism are functionality and simplicity along with elegance.Assumes the use of soft pastel shades in monochrome. All elements must be matched in the same style and createensemble.

A slight impregnation of bright colors is allowed, so you can diversify the table a little and cheer up the guests.

Do not forget about the simplicity of the Scandinavian style lines. It is better not to use lush flower arrangements here.If there are small bouquets, then they should be laconic and elegant. For example, a composition of green twigs will add lightness and an abundance of air space. In this case, vases should be made of glass.

When decorating a room in the Scandinavian style, there is usually an abundance of natural light, but in the evening, lighted candles will complement romanticism.

Art Deco

The combination of a dark palette with mother of pearl, gilding, silver is the main direction of art deco.It has clear lines with a slight bend. You need to start by thinking over the decor, which will be combined with the main theme.

If tablecloths and napkins with golden embossing are chosen for the table, then similar monograms should be on the dishes (the edges of the plates, the legs of the glasses, etc.).


Eco-style is perfect for most interiors. It presupposes a complete rejection of the modern objects we are accustomed to, a departure from the bustle of the city, a rapprochement with nature.Mostly natural materials are used here.

Eco-style is distinguished by the following factors:

  • linen and cotton tablecloths and napkins;
  • sand, terracotta, green, gray shades;
  • the presence of gray matte ceramic dishes;
  • wooden elements;
  • a decor consisting of twigs with an abundance of small flowers on them.

If you want to serve the table with style, you should pay attention to the elements with gilding and tablecloths made of ascetic linen.

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When decorating a table in the Provence style, the emphasis is on the decor. The number of items is not limited.Candles, mini bouquets, tablecloths with embroidery and trimmed lace edges are set in worn-out candlesticks.

One of the table design options is a plain tablecloth with a bright path in the center. This technique looks unobtrusive and original.In the Provence style, the crockery fades into the background. An everyday option is suitable, but always in bright colors.

In the festive version, special attention is paid to metalcandelabra, pearl elements, little angels. Chic is a floral arrangement made of bird cages.

In the selection of colors characteristic of the Provence style, preference is given to terracotta, lavender, olive, blue, gray, yellow tones. Furniture in the room is necessarily made of solid wood, which is not inherent in sophistication. The presence of abrasions, carving and painting with floral elements is encouraged.

Shabby chic

Shabby chic is represented by wood furniture with elements of forging. The coloring of such furniture consists of white with characteristic unpainted areas and even abrasions. In the selection of floristry, an emphasis is placed on pastel colors and an elegant composition of flowers with a clear sign of romanticism. It is they who complement the tenderness, slight negligence and create the atmosphere of a country house.

They are distinguished by shabby chic and tablecloths made of natural fabrics, the pattern on which is made in stripes.Ideally, textiles should not be new. Better to use grandma's tablecloths. Pastel shades of roses are chosen from flowers.

The presence of elements from roses in the form of an ornament on dishes is obligatory. The possible availability of crystal and pearls is encouraged.


Vintage - these are peonies with bright, pink color, buds, dishes in the Victorian style in shape, with floral ornaments.But there is also a complete opposite - snow-white teapots and wooden trays with bright patterns and carvings.

Preference is given to pastel colors, but the use of a bright palette is not excluded.Floristry is presented using roses and lilies, decorated with sprigs of grass. The decor is complemented by porcelain figurines, elements of antique dishes, candlesticks, tablecloths with embroidery and lace.

Vintage elements are like antiques. There is only one difference: antiques are antiques, and vintage is antique styling.

Table setting by color

A combination of shades is of no small importance in table setting. Most often, the main color is chosen, which corresponds to a certain setting and mood. If you combine the main shade with any other, you can add variety.

In purple

To create a peaceful and romantic atmosphere for two people, table setting and decoration are performed in purple shades.According to some statements,purple is the color of creative people, it favors the creation of an environment for quiet communication, calms after a hard day at work.

Purple can suppress appetite, which is why nutritionists recommend it for serving those people who want to lose weight.

Decorating a table in a mono-violet palette is rarely performed, since it looks quite simple. However, designers claim that purple will work well with other shades.

Here are several options for the combination of colors:

  • The composition of purple and green is a combination of natural origin.This is especially evident in the range of different colors: irises, lilacs, sage, thyme, hyacinths, roses and clematis. If nature itself has created such a combination, then this suggests that these colors are a good solution and perfectly match each other.

  • A luxurious combination of purple, gold or silver for a bohemian setting.This can be done by placing glasses and plates with a gold border in combination with napkins and a purple-colored tablecloth on the table.

  • The violet-black table setting will bring brutal atmosphere for a men's holiday.This combination is also common when the table is decorated in an Art Deco style.

In gold color

A unique combination is the duet of white and gold. This option is a bright representative of luxury and an indicator of impeccable taste.The secret is not to use expensive accessories and decorative items, the main thing is to combine items of the right colors correctly and in an interesting way.

Cutlery with gilding, a porcelain table service with a gold border, a snow-white tablecloth with lace and gold embroidery will look very impressive.If there are no such items in the house, there is no need to be upset, you can use any items in gold: vases, napkin rings. If you take a pure white tablecloth, then it will emphasize the aristocratic atmosphere.

In blue

Exquisite blue colors are in no way inferior in the variety of the palette to violet. All of them conquer with their expressiveness, calmness and solemnity.The combination of blue and white will allow you to convey purity and freshness, and by turning on imagination and combining the color of the sky with other tones, you can create an original setting with your own hands.

Bluethe color in the design of the table will help to realize different thematic ideas, such as the blue of the sky or the blue of mountain rivers.An irreplaceable accent of any festive table is a bouquet of seasonal flowers that will create a good mood for guests.

A popular idea is setting the table with a nautical theme. Here it is necessary to use a tablecloth and napkins in the same style with the addition of different decor from different materials.

In red

The tenderness of white and the passion of red is a beautiful and traditional combination of contrasts.It never goes out of style and is fairly simple to design. The table is covered with a red tablecloth, there may be snow-white napkins with red rings, or vice versa, red napkins on a white background.

The leading element is festive dishes, which are almost always white in the house. It remains to add only a few decorative elements, which will be candlesticks, candles, vases and chic flowers.

On New Year's, a green color scheme in the form of pine branches must be added to the combination of white and red. In this case, it is better to use a snow-white tablecloth.

In burgundy

When decorating an evening, in the air of which the scent of love soars, breathes warmth and comfort with a glass Bordeaux wines, together with your loved one, should be served in the Bordeaux palette.It is this shade that will create an atmosphere of sophistication and tranquility at lunch or dinner.

Burgundy has always been considered a symbol of solidity, conservatism and moderation, which is why it is the most popular color when setting festive tables. He especially attracts aristocratic natures.The similarity of color to the tint of Bordeaux wine ensures satiety, financial stability and royal luxury in the house.

Black and white chic

The most luxurious variation of the festive table is the contrasting combination of black and white.This combination is complemented by objects with a rich texture. Mandatory porcelain, crystal, velvet serving elements with the addition of silk tablecloths and napkins. Completeness and extravagance is achieved by an accent in the form of a chic bouquet of fresh roses.

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