Should you buy a front door with a mirror? Pros and cons [variety of models]

When choosing an entrance door to an apartment, you must first take into account reliability, safety and aesthetics of a particular model. Recently, entrance doors with a mirror have become very popular. The idea of ​​installing a mirror sheet inside the door structure is not new, but there is still debate about the practicality of this type of product. In this article, we will look at the main advantages, disadvantages and features of the manufacture of entrance doors with a mirror. All this will help you make the final conclusion - is the new product worth its money or not.

Advantages and disadvantages

According to the designers, it is the entrance door that is the key element of the interior, the appearance of which determines the design of the hallway and the general perception of an apartment or a country house... A large number of door structures with mirrors installed inside are now on the market, such models are in great demand in Russia, the CIS countries and in Europe.

Door leaves are distinguished by an interesting design, an abundance of shapes and colors of glass inserts. However, such models perform not only a decorative function.

Like any design, an entrance door to an apartment with a mounted mirror has advantages and disadvantages of use. Among the advantages of the product are:

  • Practicality.Before going outside, you can examine your outfit in detail thanks to the full-length mirror.
  • Increase the space.With the help of an entrance door with a mirror installed inside, you can create the illusion of an infinitely long corridor and visually enlarge the room (this option is great for small apartments and small hallways).
  • Lightness and neutrality.Thanks to the same mirror, the door leaf visually appears to be lighter. In addition, such a door fits well into any room, with any style.

Metal door structures with mirror elements on the inside are very practical and easy to use. They do not require special care and allow you to radically transform your apartment. Many designers use this technique - with the help of mirrors, you can "push the frames" of the interior.

In studio or one-room apartments, the installation of such a product will create the impression of a larger space.


If you are only going to use an entrance door with a mirror in your hallway, then first of all you need to study the shortcomings of such designs. These include:

  • Difficult and time-consuming installation of fittings.It is difficult to cut out a hole for a bell, lock or handle, it is especially problematic if there is a mirror insert on the entire canvas.
  • Difficulties in replacing the mirror.Metal doors with glass inside are difficult to dismantle. To replace the insert, you will have to remove the canvas and all the accessories, take the structure to the workshop and replace it already there.
  • High cost.Powder-coated mirrors or Venetian glass are very expensive.
  • Heavy construction weight.Depending on the thickness and size of the glass, reliable canopies and hinges are installed that can withstand heavy loads. However, such a door leaf is very massive.
  • Special requirements for care.The glass must be looked after, dust and dirt must be removed from the surface in time. In stores, you can find special cleaning products for this purpose.

It is worth noting that most of the shortcomings of door designs with mirrors are characteristic only of cheap models. Manufacturers, even at the stage of manufacturing doors, try to eliminate problems that could arise during the replacement or during the operation of the product. For this, iron doors are equipped with hidden-type locking mechanisms - the so-called invisible ones.

The absence of a keyhole protects the surface from damage even if the key is misused.

Features of production

Iron doors with a mirror inside are made using the same technology as traditional models. The only difference lies in the finishing of the finished metal structure, that is, in the process of fixing the glass parts. There are two methods of fixing the mirrors: using mounting glue (for small inserts) and using special fasteners.

When using the adhesive method of fixing small mirror elements, double-sided tape is used as an addition. This allows you to significantly increase the damping properties of the canvas. The mirror can have any shape and size, this is what determines the variety of fixing methods.To install large mirror surfaces, you will need special frames around the perimeter, self-tapping screws, screws.

There are three ways of finishing the door - from the inside, from the outside and from both sides. The first method is more practical, the second is used only for mounting inserts from the outside.In the latter case, the mirror sheet requires additional protection against mechanical impact (raids of vandals).

In the video:how to glue a mirror on the door (example from the master).

Variety of models

Iron entrance doors with mirrored inserts are distinguished by an unusual appearance and a variety of finishes. Mirrors come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and degrees of reflection.The photo below shows standard samples of mirror inserts, which are taken as a basis by most manufacturers.

Steel doors with bronze details or elements of gold and silver look advantageous. Frosted plexiglass is also a great addition to your door design. In terms of reliability and durability, such products are no worse than products from MDF panels. The main disadvantage is only the high price.

The choice of material for the door structure depends on the purpose of the purchased product. When installing a door with a mirror in a private house, the surface must have additional protection. Better if it is iron or steel. For apartments, interior decoration is an excellent option, it is more practical and allows you to visually expand the space.

You can also decorate the hallway by illuminating the door (lamps are mounted directly into the slopes).

Entrance doors with mirrors are not inferior in practicality, durability, reliability and ease of use to other models. However, when choosing a door to the hallway with mirror inserts, do not forget that such a product requires special care. And you should not save on such products, because quality is the key to a long service life of the product.

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