Posters and paintings for a modern interior

Anything can be used to decorate rooms today: from handicrafts to elegant pieces of furniture. Not everyone can afford expensive jewelry. But paintings and posters for the interior are sold for any wallet and for any room.

Posters and Pictures

Posters are a sheet of paper with a glossy finish. They are printed on newspaper, thick and photographic paper with canvas imitation. Posters, like paintings, are used to decorate rooms. In view of the fast manufacturing process, the price range and the choice of the assortment on the market are wide. Posters are sold in furniture stores, salons, newspaper stands. And modular paintings can be made by hand. With proper care, posters in the interior will not yield to expensive reproductions.

How to decorate the room?

Today, paintings, like posters for the interior, are not a luxury, but a tool for decorating the environment. It is very important to choose the right picture, color and scale of the picture. The main rule isfor a large room you need to select a large canvas, for a small one - a small one.

Collect small canvases in rectangular colored compilations. Abstract applications without a plot can be placed in any room. They will become an accent and saturate the interior of the room with energy. The center of the image should be at eye level, and the modular appliqués should be aligned to the bottom edge. Black and white paintings add elegance to the room.

Kitchen decor

Selected canvases should not be a museum piece. Food is cooked, steamed and fried in the kitchen. Therefore, for the kitchen, you need to select a simple and uncomplicated image.

Black and white framed photographs can be used. If the interior design is dominated by gray, brown or metallic tones, a black and white picture will be just appropriate.

If the kitchen is dominated by blue and beige shades, then you should select canvases in yellow. It can be present not only in the background, but also in the form of geometric shapes, flowers, landscapes.

Council! The canvases of the vertical format will visually raise the room.

A bright painting, made in white with red, orange, green or yellow colors, is well suited for a minimalist kitchen. If the kitchen already has several bright accents, for example, in the form of a colored lampshade or pillows, then the canvas must be matched to any of the shades. For example, an image of a poppy or a bouquet of flowers will look good with scarlet pillows.

Watercolors are suitable for a classic kitchen. They should be placed under glass and not on the sunny side. Landscape can be used as images.


This is the only room in the apartment for which you can select absolutely any canvases, even black and white, even colored.

Here will be appropriate:

  • bright flowers;
  • emotional portraits;
  • luscious abstraction;
  • landscapes.

Advice! If the kitchen goes into the hallway, then in both rooms there should be canvases of the same theme.

Canvases for the living room

Most often, they try to decorate the living room with decorative elements as much as possible. Black and white canvas will make the room restrained and austere, and bright colors - dynamic.

Symmetrically hung canvases add a sense of severity. Canvases of the same size will give the room the look of a business office.Large paintings should be placed symmetrically and at great distances from each other.Then each image will be perceived separately.

Oil paintings with any image will look good in a "classic" living room. A Renaissance canvas will fit into a room in dark brown tones, and a picture with a seascape or a portrait will fit into a light room.For a living room in the style of "minimalism" it is better to choose bright, canvases with city landscapes or trees.

Properly selected canvases structure the interior.A canvas hung in the center of the room will accentuate symmetry. A large painting on a blank wall will create a sense of integrity.

Modular paintings consist of several segments of different sizes, connected by one idea. For the living room, it is advisable to select canvases with the image of sunflowers, a rural landscape.

Cloths for the bedroom

Calm canvases should be selected in this room. The best option is soft, pastel colors.In the bedroom in the style of art decor, you need to select black and white paintings: cityscapes with couples in love, portraits. The most important thing is that the canvas should be close to the tenants in terms of the atmosphere.

For lovers of flowers, canvases with plants will suit, and seascapes - for tourists. Pictures of the forest will give the room a peaceful atmosphere. The painted sky, clouds and birds will add a note of romance to the interior.

If there are already bright spots in the bedroom, then the canvas should also be matched to them.For example, if pillows or bedspreads are painted green, then the same shades should prevail on the canvas.

Tip! Hang canvases of different styles on each wall. On one - a black and white landscape, on the other an abstraction, on the third - a painting with a marine theme.

Canvases in a classic interior

It is difficult to imagine a classic interior without a canvas, which brings notes of individuality, reflects the taste of the owners of the house. Therefore, the image must be chosen carefully. It doesn't matter if it will be sea distances or city sketches. The main thing is that the palette is combined with the main range of the room.

Even in ancient times, noble individuals decorated the walls with their portraits. Despite the advent of digital cameras, portrait painting is still relevant today.The home gallery treasure will be a black and white poster depicting the owner of the house.

Any interior will be decorated with graphic columns, capitals, building facades. The naturalistic image of plants personifies a closeness to nature, which is not so captivated by an urban person. Abstract canvases look unusual in a classic interior. It's all about contrast: classics and freedom complement and emphasize each other.

Tip! In a rich interior, thin frames with golden elements look good.

How to choose the right canvas?

It is very difficult to choose a canvas that will advise the room in terms of palette and content. In a thematic or interior with a pronounced style, you should select the canvas according to the content. The color combination is allowed in rooms without a pronounced style.

An urban poster or canvas with graffiti elements will fit into the interior of the urban style. A picture of color themes will fit in the women's office. In a Japanese bedroom, an image of a bamboo, geisha or garden would be appropriate. A marine decor with corals and a ship will fit into the nursery. In this case, the color palette takes a back seat.

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