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Most people prefer stretch ceilings as decoration of ceilings not traditional wallpaper or painting. These are versatile designs that look very attractive. LED strips and spotlights are used as lighting devices. Let's see how you can organize lighting in an interior with stretch ceilings.

Basic rules for lighting on a stretch ceiling

In the process of organizing lighting on stretch ceilings, it is important to remember that nothing should be attached to the surface of the canvas. The canvas is made of PVC film or fabric materials. The first option is used most often, such a film does not have super strength and heat resistance. Do not install luminaires with ordinary incandescent lamps, otherwise there is a risk of melting the area next to the device.

There are certain requirements to be observed during installation:

  • Light should be distributed as evenly as possible over the entire area of ​​the room.
  • All lighting fixtures or a single group must have the same power, spectrum and intensity.
  • Lamps are better to choose not very hot and economical. LED bulbs are considered to be the leaders in quality - they are quite bright and durable.
  • When decorating hidden lighting, the cases of the devices are hidden in special cornices, a ring is fixed around the lamps to avoid tearing the film.
  • Plafonds and other products must be combined with the interior, wall decoration and furniture.
  • The glow is directed upward to create a soft backlight. To get a bright light, the lamp must be directed downward.
  • The wiring must be hidden. If the installation is hidden, then the route is hidden inside the walls. Concealed installation implies the presence of cable channels for wires.

Lighting calculation

To calculate the number of luminaires, select a lighting scheme.If a central chandelier is to be installed, then the rest of the lighting fixtures are installed where the room will not be illuminated by the main light.

Most often, lighting devices are located where dark areas are formed, or in places that require additional illumination, for example, the work area.

If there is no chandelier, then to organize lighting in a room with a stretch ceiling, you need to calculate the number of lamps based on their characteristics and type. The number of devices also depends on their location - where there is no need for bright light, lamps are not mounted. Elsewhere installation is required.

To calculate the required number of bulbs, take into account important factors that affect the level of illumination of the space:

  • the height of the walls;
  • dimensions of the room;
  • scheme with or without a chandelier;
  • the presence of additional light sources.

When calculating, it is important to take into account one more parameter that will help determine the number of fixtures - this is the lamp power, equal to 20 W per 1 sq. m.This is the optimal value for any type of premises. The sum of the power of all lamps is divided by the area. If the number as a result is more than 20 W, then the lamps have excessive brightness, if less, then the room will be dark. These figures are relevant for options without a chandelier in the central part.

If you do not abandon the chandelier, then the calculation is carried out using a different formula - the characteristic of the power of the main source of illumination is important.The chandelier illuminates the main area of ​​the plaza and provides plenty of light. In this variant, the spots from the spot devices will work as local illumination. They are located in certain areas where additional lamps cannot be installed.

The number of additional light sources is calculated based on the need for additional light than the chandelier can provide. The number of lamps can vary widely.

It is recommended to rely on several rules:

  • The spots are not placed closer than 30 cm from each other.
  • The distance from the wall to the nearest lighting device must be at least 20 cm.
  • It is not recommended to use lamps with a power of more than 35 W in rooms with a ceiling height of less than 2.7 m.

When calculating, the types of lamps are also important. So, halogen lamps with a power of up to 35 W are capable of illuminating a surface of 1.5 square meters. m. According to this rule, it turns out 20 W per 1 sq. m. m. An energy-saving lamp with a power of 11 W is capable of illuminating 1.5-2 square meters. m.

Light accents

With the help of light fixtures, they easily accentuate various elements of the interior. The geometry and contours in the living room will be emphasized by the LED strip. It is fixed on double-sided tape to special cornices or directly to the vinyl ceiling. LEDs are economical and bright.

Spotlights are deepened into the canvas or mounted on top.Each of the methods has the right to life, but the effects are completely different. The glow of the built-in ceiling lamps will be soft and diffused - this is true in the bedroom, as well as in certain areas in the interior. Subdued light is used to create compositions on ceilings, it is also good to use it in niches and arches, to decorate night light.

Aim the outdoor lamp at any detail for a bright and concentrated beam. Look at the photo - this is how accents are placed.

Spots or pendant lights are adjustable - the direction of the light flux is adjusted. They illuminate workplaces, a comfortable chair, a working area in the living room, any place in the interior.

Correction of space with the help of light

Stretch ceiling conceals a few centimeters from the total height of the wall. Modern apartments are small, and this unpleasant fact can significantly reduce the space visually. Your task is to make the ceiling higher. The same light will help in this.If you direct the flow of light from the chandelier and additional lighting fixtures to the ceiling, it will appear higher than it really is. This move is especially noticeable on glossy vinyl ceilings.

In a living room with a glossy ceiling, installing sconces on the wall, the light of which will be directed upwards, will also create the illusion of soaring ceilings - this also expands the space. See how this option looks in the photo.

Correct the geometry in the room using the LED strip. The material is flexible enough to create any pattern and geometric shape.If the tape is hidden in the ceiling cornice, it will allow you to correct the geometry - in an elongated hall or living room, LED lighting will correct the short sides on the ceiling. A square room is given a longer look by mounting the diodes on the long side.

With the same tapes it is easy to emphasize the steps in the multi-tiered ceiling. If you do not select the transitions, they will not look volumetric, as required by the design, but will merge into a solid structure.

Lighting options

Now there are options for organizing lighting in the interior. These are traditional chandeliers, LED strips, spotlights, starry skies and complete solutions.The most common option is the central chandelier. Stylish large, it can become a highlight of the room, it can give tone to the whole room.

Point light allows you to get interesting design lighting solutions. These are endless possibilities. You can emphasize individual interior details, perform zoning, apply light scenarios.

By combining these solutions with each other, you can get very interesting light compositions. Take a look at how it might look in the photo. Such a project deserves comment.


There are many different classifications of lighting equipment: they differ in design features, design and type of lamp:

  • According to the method of fixing, the lamps differ into pendant or traditional chandeliers, overhead, recessed solutions.

Pendant lights

Overhead luminaire model

  • By the number of light sources, point, cascade are distinguished. According to whether it is possible to somehow regulate the flow of light, static and rotary models are distinguished.

Recessed spot light

Spot light

  • According to the light source, LED solutions for stretch ceilings, devices with halogen lamps, fluorescent equipment can be distinguished.

LED luminaire

Installation of spotlights in a tension structure

When choosing lighting devices, you should give preference to low-power products so as not to damage the stretch ceiling. Concealed models are purchased from trusted manufacturers. The lamps are installed so that the luminous flux falls on the floor, and not on the ceiling.

It is worth installing the luminaires as carefully as possible - the ceiling is so delicate that it is very easy to damage it. For installation, you will need the lighting device itself, glue, and a knife. Installation will not be possible without a special ring and acrylic box. Before installation, all communications must already be carried out.

The order of work:

1. The first step is to mount the profile. At a certain marked height, a box is attached under the lamp. Each box should have a height adjustment nut. The lower part of the box should always be no lower than the planned level of the stretch web.

2. To remember the mounting locations, they are marked with a laser on the floor. Next, the stretch ceiling itself is stretched.

3. The center of the future location of all fixtures is marked on the pvc film, then glue is applied and the mounting ring is glued.

4. A hole is made in the central part of the ring through which the height of the box is adjusted, after which the light source is installed in it.

In the video:installation of spotlights in a stretch ceiling.


Some people prefer a classic design, so they use traditional chandeliers as lighting equipment.There are a lot of designer models on sale - they are insanely beautiful. Take a look at how lighting in a hall with a stretch ceiling based on a chandelier might look like.

How is the chandelier attached?

When installing the chandelier, pre-accurately mark its future location and make fastening under it. The fastening can be made in the form of a hook (the chandelier is simply suspended) or a mounting strip is installed - it is mounted to the base ceiling, and the chandelier itself to it.

The bar can also be of three types: standard, cross for large chandeliers, and I-bar.

Rules and requirements for installation

Requirements for fixing the chandelier are:

  • The work is carried out in compliance with all electrical safety rules, the voltage is turned off in the hall and throughout the apartment.
  • It is not recommended to make holes towards the switch.
  • It is forbidden to firmly press the chandelier to the canvas.
  • When making cuts in the web for the cable, pre-glue the plastic ring.
  • The chandelier should not violate the space of the ceiling - it is required to maintain evenness.

In the video:installing a chandelier in a stretch ceiling with your own hands.

Ideas and options for different rooms


It is recommended to choose spotlights for the children's room - round or square. Lamps should be taken with LED or halogen.Multi-colored lamps are often used. The lighting equipment is positioned as the design requires - it can be either in one row or staggered. Experts recommend the second option. This will not only look more impressive, but also allow you to evenly distribute the light in the nursery.

Living room

Lighting in living room with stretch ceilings is most often carried out using spotlights. They are able to harmoniously fit into any style framework.You can create a wide variety of effects with point lighting. So, using LEDs, it is possible to get the effect of a starry sky.

The spots fit easily and harmoniously into the interiors. These are specialized directional lighting fixtures.One luminaire allows you to direct the glow to any point. This design is used as an auxiliary one. There are other options for lighting a stretch ceiling - it all depends on the style.


There are also various types of lighting... It is important to take into account that this is a special room, and moderate light is needed here. It is better to give preference to soft warm light in the bedroom. It will promote relaxation and rest. If the ceiling is multi-level, it is illuminated with ceiling spotlights.Often, two or more lighting schemes are made - different situations occur in the bedroom. The main thing is that the light is soft and dull in the sleeping area.

Spotlights can be placed around the perimeter of the room. Often, a floor lamp or built-in lamps in a plasterboard structure are installed in the bedroom near the head of the bed.Also, good and interesting effects are obtained using LED strips hidden in cornices or other elements.


The bathroom does not need a lot of light. There will be enough several lamps located around the perimeter.It is recommended to organize different schemes in the bathroom - so, for a pleasant stay, the light can be soft and gentle, and for washing, cleaning and other matters - on the contrary, bright. This is useful when you can choose the lighting for the situation.


all modern apartments. This is not a problem, since people spend little time in these rooms. However, the design of the ceiling needs to be worked out.The glossy texture of the ceiling reflects every ray, it not only contributes to uniform illumination, but also adds volume. Small chandeliers and recessed lamps are used as lighting.


The types of lighting in the kitchen can be completely different. So, the room is divided into several zones. In the working area, a brighter light is needed, in the area where the table is standing and eating, it is better to use a pleasant, unobtrusive glow of warm shades.They use both chandeliers and spotlights, as well as pendant lamps. By combining devices of different types, unique combinations can be obtained.


Stretched on the balcony ceilings can be found very rarely due to climatic factors - this finish does not withstand low temperatures. But if the balcony is heated, then a great idea is to decorate the starry sky. The effect is universal. A bright light is also needed, and soft built-in or pendant lights for a pleasant stay and any occasion.

Using different types of lamps, you can get very interesting effects and beautifully decorate the room. There are a lot of photos on the Internet - they show examples of how, having a stretch ceiling and imagination, you can get a stunning result. And if you can't do it on your own, then Moscow is full of masters who can do it.

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