Lighting in the corridor: stylish solutions for large and small apartments (+62 photos)

Interior decoration must be approached responsibly. Particular attention should be paid to the lighting of the corridor in the apartment. With correctly installed lighting fixtures, you can visually enlarge this room and make it more attractive. Artificial light sources will make it possible to qualitatively decorate the corridor even with a complex architectural shape.


Proper organization of lighting

If desired, everyone can create functional and comfortable lighting in the corridor. While performing this task, it is worth considering some professional advice:

  • Backlighting in the corridor should not tire the eyes. At the same time, the light should not be dim, which will visually reduce the room.
  • It is recommended to install several lighting fixtures in a narrow corridor. In this case, the light should be directed to the opposite side. The luminaires located at the top should shine on the walls. This will visually make the corridor wider.
  • In rooms with high ceilings, the luminaires are positioned so that part of the wall is illuminated. The ceiling will not be visible. As a result, the height of the room will visually decrease.
  • Use LED luminaires built into the walls. This will add elegance and mystery to the interior, as evidenced by numerous photos.

All these nuances should be taken into account when organizing the lighting in the corridor. This will create a cozy and comfortable indoor environment.

Light sources

Particular attention should be paid to local lighting.If the installation of one lighting fixture is envisaged in the corridor, then the light from it should be sufficient for high-quality lighting. A luminaire with a diffuse effect will create a comfortable atmosphere.

A good solution would be an LED device, with its help they create lighting of different brightness. Such lamps do not emit radiation and harmful substances, and also consume a small amount of electricity.

Devices are often combined with special motion sensors. This saves on lighting costs.

To create a soft glow, experts recommend using devices with matte shades.Original light sources, such as sconces, wall lamps and others, make it possible to zone the room. They are installed above the mirror, in the dressing room and above the decorative elements of the interior.

Of course, do not forget about spotlights. They are widely used on modern stretch and false ceilings. Halogen lamps will allow you to create lighting close to natural.

How to choose luminaires

When choosing luminaires in the corridor, it is worth considering the size and shape of the room. With the help of well-organized lighting, you can visually enlarge or expand the space. Interior design is also important.

But, before proceeding with the choice, it is worth considering the options for lighting devices:

  • Recessed spotlights.Ideal for both narrow and spacious corridors. It is good if the devices have an adjustment for the direction of the light. They are installed on the ceiling or along the walls.

  • Classic chandelier.This device is not recommended for use in small corridors. The ceiling chandelier is installed in spacious rooms that have a regular shape. It is often supplemented with local lighting fixtures.

  • Hanging lamps.There are single-lamp and multi-lamp ones, they resemble suspensions with small shades, are more suitable for lighting in a corridor with a high ceiling.

  • Wall lamps.Used as additional lighting fixtures. They allow you to create a sufficient amount of diffused light. Such lamps are widely used to illuminate decorative interior elements.

  • Overhead ceiling lights.There is a wide range of such devices on the market, they are small in size, they are mounted directly to the ceiling on a mounting plate. Ideal for corridors with low ceilings.

Frequent mistakes

such errors:

  • insufficient lighting;
  • installation of a large number of lamps;
  • improperly selected lighting fixtures;
  • installation of luminaires in the wrong place.

Making such mistakes leads to the fact that the room becomes visually smaller. It also negatively affects the interior design. Therefore, the choice of lamps and the place of their installation must be approached very carefully.

Individual lighting options

Today there are several types of corridor lighting:

  • general - designed to illuminate the entire area premises;
  • local (working) - aimed at highlighting certain zones;
  • decorative - used to emphasize interior elements.

Each of these options carries a functional load. Therefore, it is worth seriously thinking about whether it is worth using this or that lighting device in the corridor.

Ceiling lighting

The main lighting fixtures are installed directly on the ceiling. The classic option is a ceiling chandelier. Of course, such a lamp is not recommended for use in small rooms with a low ceiling, as this will visually make them smaller.It is better to install compact ceiling chandeliers that are located close to the base surface.

Spotlights are also used for lighting in the corridor. There is a wide selection of such designs on the market today. With their help, they enhance the main lighting and highlight the functional areas in the room.

As for decorative lighting, LED strips are considered the best option. They are mounted along the perimeter of the ceiling or in its structural elements.

Illumination of the floor and walls

In the illumination of the corridor in the apartment, an important place is occupied by the illumination of the walls and the floor.In the first case, sconces are very popular. If the corridor is elongated enough, then wall lamps are installed in several places, most often at the same level and with the same distance from each other. In a square room, it is better to install the sconce near a mirror or wardrobe.

As for the floor, LED strips, neon flexible cords duralight and spotlights are used to illuminate it. The latter can be built into the body of the skirting board or attached to the wall closer to the floor.

The "light floor" method is very popular. Its essence lies in the installation of LED modules in the base of the floor.

Illumination of individual elements

To highlight individual elements in the interior of the corridor uses floor lamps, sconces, LED strips and other lighting fixtures. The type of lamp directly depends on the characteristics of the decorative element and the preferences of the owner.So, if we talk about a mirror, then LED strips or sconces are used to illuminate it. Spotlights will look good in a niche.

When choosing a backlight, it is worth considering that it can have a different shade. This will give the interior elegance and mystery.

Features of lighting of rooms of different shapes


When organizing lighting in the corridor, it is worth considering its shape. This will allow you to create accents and visually enlarge the room. This is especially true for small and narrow hallways. Most often, in modern apartments, the corridor is long, square and L-shaped. Each specific case requires its own backlight.

Long corridor

The hallway in the apartment is often too narrow and long room. Therefore, its lighting must be approached very carefully. Correctly selected lighting will allow you to expand the room and correct its geometric parameters.

The best option here will be spotlights built into a suspended or suspended ceiling.The main thing is to correctly position the luminaires in a narrow space. They are installed along the walls. An additional source of light will be the illumination of the mirror and other decorative elements.

Spotlights along the perimeter of a long room in the Khrushchev can not only expand the space, but also reduce the height of the ceilings.

Small corridor

In a small hallway, you can organize the main and local lighting. The main light source is a single-bulb ceiling chandelier with a classic shade.In a modern interior with a stretch or false ceiling, it is rational to use spotlights.

When choosing wall models - the beams should be directed upwards. This will visually remove the boundaries between the ceiling and walls.

Square and L-shaped corridor

In a square hallway or corridor of this configuration, the main light source is often used classic central chandeliers. When choosing, it is worth considering the style of the interior.

As for the L-shaped room, things are a little different here. It is quite difficult to organize lighting in such a hallway.The best solution would be to divide the space into functional zones.

Several main light sources are supplemented with local lights. LED lighting is widely used as decorative lighting.

Features of lighting depending on the material of the ceiling

When organizing the lighting in the corridor, it is worth considering the material of the ceiling. This will determine which lamps can be used. First of all, this concerns the features of the installation of devices and the determination of places for their placement.

Stretch ceiling

When organizing lighting in Khrushchev, it is worth considering the material of the stretch ceiling. So, matte PVC film does not tolerate strong heat. Therefore, for lighting in a hallway with a stretch ceiling, it is not recommended to use lamps with a power of more than 35 watts.

Point light sources are often used in a corridor with a stretch ceiling. They come in a variety of sizes, designs and lighting power.Small LEDs will also look original on the ceiling, visually they look like stars in the sky.

The so-called luminous (floating) ceiling is often installed. Light sources are hidden behind the canvas, it turns out that the ceiling is glowing from the inside.

Plasterboard ceiling

The method of lighting a corridor with a plasterboard ceiling is decided at the stage of installation of the suspended structure. This also applies to the stretch film. All wires are laid in the void between the base and finish ceilings. Particular attention is paid to design features.For lighting multi-level ceilings, not only classic spotlights are widely used, but also diode or neon strips.

Often, classic round spotlights are mounted in plasterboard ceilings. But, if possible, then they are replaced by mini-projectors and other multifaceted models. This will give the interior elegance and originality.


The corridor illumination has various functions. So, with its help, you can highlight an element of the interior or enhance the lighting of a certain area. In addition, the backlight can be used as night lighting in a room.

At night

Everyone has faced such a problem when you need to walk down the hallway at night, but you don't want to turn on the light so as not to wake up other household members. Night lighting can help in this matter.

Today there are several methods of organizing night illumination:

  • Installation of spotlights on the wall with weak bulbs.Such devices will work all night, and emit a faint glow, sufficient for safe movement around the room.

  • Installation of LED strip along the perimeter of the ceiling.Here the main power of the room illumination. Bright light will disturb other household members.

  • Installation of luminaires with a motion sensor.With the help of such devices, it is possible to ensure that the luminaires are turned on at the right time. The motion sensor is connected to one or more light sources.

  • Installation of LEDs in the skirting board.Floor lighting is often used as night lighting. With its help, you can easily move around the room without turning on the main light.

The organization of night lighting must be approached very carefully. Not only safety will depend on this, but also the peace of the household at night.

In the video:how to make a floor lighting with your own hands.

Mirror illumination

Of course, there are many built-in products on the market today. In any case, the illumination of this element of the interior must be approached very carefully. But the easiest option is to install a sconce in the immediate vicinity of the mirror. Especially if it is large.

The optimal solution here will be laconic devices that give diffused soft light.They are installed at the top of the frame. Thus, a comfortable and functional backlighting is created.

Rotary devices and LED hidden illumination are also good options.

Interesting ideas for lighting

to create original and effective lighting of the hallway in the apartment. Among people, the following options are especially popular:

  • Niche device with illumination.In this way, you can create light changes in the room, which can significantly improve its illumination. In this case, it is recommended to install spotlights in the niche. They will be used as additional lighting.

  • Light boxIn this case, niches are also used to improve lighting. But, this time they are covered with frosted glass, behind which there are powerful lamps.

  • Backlit cornice.The best solution in Khrushchev would be installation along the perimeter of the corridor of the cornice. An LED strip is hidden behind it.

  • Translucent suspended structure.Fits perfectly into modern interiors. It is she who will allow to give the room originality.

It is quite simple to organize original and multifunctional lighting in the corridor of an apartment and a house. The main thing is to correctly approach the choice of lighting fixtures. Particular attention should be paid to the size and style of the room.

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