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Tea drinking is a fairly common everyday process. But, sometimes there are cases when it is necessary to arrange the reception of guests according to all the rules. This applies not only to the use of the original service, but also to the correct arrangement of instruments and even a table. Every little thing (forks, knife and spoons) is important here. Tea table setting should be carried out in accordance with the established rules of etiquette. Consider the process of preparing and decorating a feast.

Preparation for registration

To organize a holiday, you must follow some rules and recommendations. And you need to start preparing in advance. First of all, this concerns the selection of a suitable table.


There are some requirements for choosing a table for tea drinking. So, for example, the size of the countertop should be such that it can be easily placed on all cutlery, treats and tea.This should also take into account the number of guests. If there is no suitable furniture, then you can arrange a tea party according to the principle of "buffet". In this case, you will have to do without chairs, which will provide free access for all guests. This option is ideal for daytime ceremonies.

If the reception of guests will be held in a small room, then the arrangement of furniture must be approached very carefully. If the area allows, then it is better to place the table in the center. Otherwise, the best solution would be a location near the wall. The first option is good because all guests will have free access to the table.


Before serving the festive table, special attention should be paid to the color scheme. All elements must be optimally combined with each other.This applies primarily to tablecloths, napkins and the interior. The white table is a classic option, you can place napkins and a tea set in bright colors on it.


To add zest to the setting, you can use a bouquet of prepared flowers in an interesting and original vase. It is also important here that the flowers are chosen correctly and folded into an original composition.

Flowers should not have a strong, distinct smell, so as not to interrupt the aroma of tea and sweets. They should only decorate the interior, but not interfere with the ceremony.


Dessert table setting begins with choosing a tablecloth, because it is the background and should look beautiful...For this, it is recommended to take products from natural fabric. In this case, the tablecloth should be of a bed shade: light blue, pale pink, cream, gray.

Of course, there are exceptions. Here it should be borne in mind that the color affects the mood of the guests, therefore, the choice of tablecloth must be approached very carefully.Textiles should be matched to the chosen theme of the holiday. If desired, you can use a contrasting color.

The main thing is that the tablecloth is optimally combined with the color scheme of the room and against its background the tea set, napkins and decorations are well contrasted. This will establish the correct accent.

An excellent solution would be the choice of a tablecloth with a pattern.Most often, canvases with bright polka dots or a cage are preferred. And to add a touch of romanticism, it is better to find a tablecloth with a floral pattern.

The size of the tablecloth is also important. It should cover the edges of the table and hang no more than 35 cm. For a round or oval table, this value is 25 cm.It is also recommended to choose ready-made covers that perfectly wrap around the table top.


Setting a sweet table is not complete without napkins. In this case, it is not recommended to use disposable paper products.Of course, if they have an original appearance and are optimally combined with the tablecloth, then their use is permissible, the ban is only on monotonous and boring products.

More recently, it has been customary to put napkins under the plate. But today, a variety of figures from them, which are laid out directly on the devices, will become an original solution. This will give the ceremony a zest.

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Placing and decorating desserts

Placing desserts is not an easy and demanding process. Of course, you can do this during the tea drinking itself. But, this is not the best solution. The placement and decoration of desserts must be thought out in advance. Experts recommend creating layouts and thinking everything over in your head. As a result, it will avoid the hassle of the ceremony.

The following aspects need to be addressed:

  • the composition will be asymmetric or symmetrical;
  • whether it is permissible to use multilevel stands or a treat with a saucer;
  • Arrange desserts in the center or closer to the edges.

It is recommended to start displaying desserts from the center of the table, gradually moving to the edge. To do this, use coasters, shelves, high containers and decorative paper boxes.With their help, you can effectively use the free space on the table top. This method is very popular.

Good options would be:

  • cake in the center;
  • small coasters with sweets;
  • Tall vases with caramel treats on the edge.

These are the classic options for arranging desserts at a tea ceremony. Of course, you can use more original solutions.

Important! It is not recommended to serve an appetizer after a sweet one. Also, you cannot place desserts in glasses; for these purposes, special dishes like bowls are used.

Concept and levels of accommodation

When decorating a tea ceremony, it is worth choosing a concept. Alternatively, it can be organized in Chinese, Japanese or Russian style.The latter is very popular as it is the core of our culture. The main element here is the samovar. It will add originality and unforgettableness to the reception.

Of course, the levels of desserts are also important. It is important to consider their number here. They should be located so that there is open access to them.If the table is small, then tiered placement is the only option to hide this flaw.

Special crockery

Special crockery is used to place the dessert on the tea table. It is impossible to conduct a full-fledged ceremony without her. To solve this problem, a variety of designs are used, which differ in their color, shape and appearance.

To decorate the table for tea drinking, it is recommended to use the following dishes:

  • simple and multi-level shelves;
  • special stands for sweets and pastries;
  • cake trays;
  • dessert plates of various shapes and colors.

A good option would be to use plates in the form of flowers or fruits.In any case, sweets bring joy and fun, so their presentation should be consistent with this. And this applies not only to the shape, but also to the shades. This can be purple speckled or raspberry yellow dishes.

It is also recommended to use tall glasses, glass vases, bowls, saucers and multi-level shelves to decorate the table.

Alternatively, the following scheme can be used:

  • cover the table with a blue tablecloth and napkins;
  • cake right in the center on one low shelf;
  • sugar bowl with a spoon;
  • wine, milk or other additional drinks;
  • coffee with cream can be served;
  • butter with a knife on a saucer;
  • cotton candy on glassware, which will give the decoration a lightness and a sense of the sky;
  • decorate dishes with tangerine, and also use lemon for this;
  • Leave part of the table for cups of tea.

Such table setting for tea is optimal for a ceremony on a fine summer day. In this case, all the devices on the table must be optimally combined with each other.Therefore, it is better to purchase sets consisting of a certain number of plates, cups and coasters for sweets.

Important! Particular attention should be paid to the remaining free space on the table. It can be used to accommodate additional light treats.

Decor elements​​

Table decoration for tea drinking involves the use of various decorative elements. A good solution would be to create plates with the name of the desserts. At the same time, they must correspond to the subject matter. Also, an original addition will be a variety of fancy flags that will give the design a zest.

time for making desserts. In this case, a vase with a different composition would be the best solution. In the summer it can be a bouquet of flowers, and in the fall it can be a collection of leaves of different shades. In any case, here you need to turn on your imagination or watch thematic videos.

You can also use a conventional multi-level shelf as a decor element. It is enough just to make a pyramid out of it, filling it with sweets or various desserts.

Additional accessories

When setting the table, special attention should be paid to additional accessories. It will depend on them how convenient it will be for guests to hold a tea ceremony.

Among the additional devices and devices it is worth highlighting:

  • special tweezers;
  • a scoop for sweets;
  • ice cream spoons;
  • Paper molds for puffs and muffins.

Choosing sweets

sweets. Dishes should be small and portioned. This will allow guests to easily take them in hand and enjoy the taste.

A good option would be:

  • Cupcakes or cake.These are the main treats for the guests. They are often placed in the center of the table.

  • Profiteroles, mousses and small cakes.Such light desserts should be present at every tea ceremony.

  • Sweets and other sweets.Chocolate and caramel, marmalade, jelly and marshmallows are all complementary treats and are used to fill the table.

When choosing sweets, you should pay attention to their appearance. They should correspond to the concept of tea drinking and be optimally combined with the background.Sweets as a gift would be a good solution. With their help, you can give the reception a zest. Guests will definitely leave a good comment.

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