How to choose the color of the sofa in the interior: professional advice

The sofa in the apartment performs an important function. It is the central piece of furniture. Its color must match the interior. Manufacturers offer a variety of options, but it is necessary to choose furniture, taking into account some points.

Basic principles of selection

When choosing any furniture, a person is guided primarily by his own taste and functionality of models. Professionals recommend when buying to rely on a few general rules:

  1. Carefully choose the material of the upholstery. This point must be taken into account if there are children or animals in the house. The fabric should be resistant to damage, stains are easy to remove, and the wool should not stick.
  2. Stick to your own preferences when choosing a model, rather than strive for popular options. Fashion passes quickly, but the sofa remains. It should be comfortable, comfortable.
  3. Determine the required functionality. This is necessary in order to choose the appropriate option for the type of mechanism, the presence of boxes for linen. If the sofa will not be used as a sleeping place, then you should look at the non-folding options.
  4. Think over the color of the upholstery. Do not act rashly, the shade of the furniture should ideally match the interior. You need to understand that the color of the sofa is a constant, constant indicator. Such furniture has been in operation for more than one year and the spontaneous choice of color will lead to the fact that it will quickly get bored and annoying.
  5. If it is impossible to contact the designers, it is worthwhile to independently think over the style of the interior and the color scheme even before the start of the renovation. In the future, purchase all materials and furniture based on our own decisions.

By adhering to these simple principles, you can successfully choose the right version of the sofa.

Sofa for different rooms

In addition to general advice on choosing a sofa, it is worth considering the type of room in which the furniture is planned to be installed. This takes into account the features of the room and its functionality.

For the kitchen

They put a sofa in the kitchen for relaxing over a mug of tea and receiving guests. The size of the room is taken into account here. In a small kitchen, you should choose a sofa in light colors. It will help to visually expand the space. Bright hues can imbalance the interior, even if the finish is done in these tones.

A bright option is well suited for a large kitchen. It will become a kind of zoning element. This is true when a cooking area, a dining area and a living room are combined in one room. We must not forget about combining furniture with the interior, decoration and design.

For the living room

The sofa in the living room has a completely different function, it is the central part of the room. It is in this room that you can experiment with the color and patterns of furniture or give preference to calm shades.

The main thing is not to forget about the compatibility of the sofa and the design of the room. In a dark, dimly lit room, it is better to purchase a light-colored model, it will visually expand the space.


For the bedroom

In the bedroom, the sofa should be as comfortable as possible. It is not recommended to choose bright shades, it is better to give preference to calm tones. This will help you relax better. It is necessary to take into account the folding mechanism. The sofa should organically fit into the interior in all respects - in color, size, shape, functionality.

For the nursery

The children's room is usually decorated in bright, but “non-flashy” colors. You need to choose a sofa, taking into account some points:

  1. Will the child sleep on it? For sleep, it is better to give preference to calm solid colors.
  2. Room decoration style. Furniture with drawings of cars and blue tones is not suitable for girls, pink and red for boys.

Do not choose a sofa that is too childish in color, you should always remember that the child will grow up quickly and the furniture will have to be changed.