How to choose a stepladder: a variety of options and professional advice

A stepladder is a mandatory attribute of any construction work. It is also useful in everyday life: you can use it to hang a chandelier, screw in a light bulb, and get things from the mezzanine. In summer cottages, such a staircase model is simply irreplaceable - without it you will not be able to harvest, cut trees and insulate greenhouses. You can make a step ladder with your own hands or purchase it in a specialized store. Now on the market there is a wide selection of these products and it is not always easy to make a choice. In this article we will tell you how to choose a ladder and what to look for when buying.

The main criteria for choosing a step-ladder

The step-ladder is a folding ladder consisting of two rigid frames and a hinged connection. It can also be equipped with a platform, additional accessories and an insurance element.

When choosing a ladder, the following criteria for this type of construction should be taken into account:

  • reliability of the assembly (type of construction and material of manufacture);
  • structural stability and ease of use;
  • dimensions, weight and ease of assembly;
  • staircase safety;
  • the quality of the steps (the presence of an anti-slip surface);
  • availability of additional accessories (dielectric rugs, hooks).
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Important! When choosing a ladder, special attention should be paid to the integrity of the structure - the presence of sharp corners, chips, cracks, irregularities, burrs is undesirable.

If you plan to make a ladder with your own hands, then take care of the quality of the materials and strictly follow the safety rules. So, the upper platforms (above one and a half meters from the floor) must be protected and handrails installed.

For self-production, such an option as portable ladders with a platform made of wood is suitable.The main thing is to correctly draw up a scheme and adhere to it at all stages of work. To make the movement comfortable, the step of the steps should be no more than two hundred and fifty millimeters. It is recommended to supplement the lower ends of the struts with special rubber support elements.

It is also worth noting that for country houses the best solution would be an aluminum transformer step-ladder. Next, we will look at the features of this type of construction.

By type of construction

The first thing to start from when choosing a step-ladder to the dacha is its purpose. Before buying, decide what you may need a mobile ladder for, in what conditions it will be used.There are two main types of ladders: household and professional (depending on the type of construction and maximum loads).

Household ladders are smaller and not designed for work at high heights.

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In addition, products are classified by material of manufacture, working height, platform height and many other parameters. Each of these criteria influences the choice of a particular model.

Today, iron stepladders are considered the most reliable. They fall into two categories:

  • Unilateral.Suitable for use in the country, these are the so-called garden models, they are small in size and mobility).

  • Double-sided.More commonly used in manufacturing, but also suitable for frequent home use. The main feature is that two people can work on them at the same time).

Hanging, folding, attached, sliding, L-shaped options are also distinguished. However, the best option is transformer products.These models are small in size, very practical and easy to operate. Regardless of what material it is made of (wood, steel, metal, aluminum), this is a multifunctional, compact and durable staircase structure.

Transformer step ladder in different positions

By brand

construction work, and will also be an excellent assistant in the garden and in a private house. A homemade ladder is the most budget-friendly option possible. However, not everyone can make a quality product on their own. Now in stores you can find a variety of models of products made of wood, metal and combined materials, but how to choose the model that suits you?

Experts recommend products of such brands as "Eiffel", "Krause" and "Zubr". The products of these brands are distinguished by an ideal price-quality ratio.

By the height of the platform

The height of the platform is the distance from the base to the top row of steps. This parameter may vary, depending on the model of the metal step ladder.It is worth noting that recently it has become popular to make steps from a different material (rather than supports).

The platform height is determined by the purpose of the product. So, if you plan to use a staircase in an apartment for construction work, then the maximum indicator is two meters. For the construction of a house in the country, the height of the site must be at least three meters.

Along the length of the stairs

Household aluminum stepladders (for apartment renovation, for garden work) have four steps. This height is enough for everyday tasks. Professional ladders are more durable, strong, but heavy. Most often these are double-sided models or so-called transformers. Such ladder structures consist of several sections and have five or more steps. The length of the product means the height from the support to the ceiling and minus one meter.

By the number of sections

As we said, transformers consist of several sections. Most often these are products made of metal for professional use. They are distinguished by a long service life, strength, and ease of assembly. In turn, aluminum ladders are more compact, due to which they have a wide range of applications.

Let us single out three variants of stepladders:

  • Single-section.Most often these are attached models of stairs and stepladders without a transformation function.
  • Two-piece.They are very popular and combine the ability to transform into an ordinary ladder or into a convenient step-ladder.
  • Three-section.These metal products have a number of additional functions, their key feature being maximum working height and durability.

By the number of steps

Garden ladders differ according to several criteria - product type, material production, purpose, height and length of the stairs, the number of steps. Folding models are the optimal solution for seasonal work.It should be noted that steps on folding ladders can be located on one or two sides.

Classification by the number of steps:

  • Two or three steps.These are small wooden or metal ladders for household needs, most often homemade products in the form of stools.

  • Four to seven steps.These are wooden or steel portable models that are great for high ceiling applications.

  • Eight or more steps.These are professional products for outdoor use.

According to most experts, you should not save on buying a ladder. Steel ladder is the safest, most reliable and durable option. If you only need it once a year or for the duration of the renovation, then give preference to inexpensive models - wood or aluminum.

Maximum Load

Maximum Working Load refers to the maximum weight that the top step of the product can support while remaining stable. This parameter largely depends on the features of a particular staircase model (the presence of wheels, seals on the supports).Portable ladders are designed for an average weight of a person of about eighty kilograms. Three-section products can withstand up to one hundred and fifty kilograms.

According to the material

constructions. The most popular are steel, aluminum and wood models.Also on the market you can find products from duralumin. Some manufacturers, trying to give products an unusual appearance, make steps from one material, and the rest of the parts from another.

You can make a step-ladder with your own hands, for this you need to decide on a list of tools, draw up drawings and choose a material. If you have the skills to work with a welding machine, then it will not be difficult for you to make an aluminum single-section ladder.

The most common option for self-production is a wooden two-section staircase.


By working height

Household and some professional products have a working height of five to six meters. Stool ladders are more compact, their height is about two meters. As for transformers, their working height can vary from three to seven meters. The three-section aluminum ladders have a working height of ten meters, which makes it easy to carry out repair work.

By country of manufacture

Experts note the reliability and safety of German products, as well as the convenience and wide range of use of Russian models.The choice of stairs depends on many parameters. And remember that an expensive foreign staircase is not always better than a homemade one. Companies such as Elkop, Tarko, Alyumet, Krause and Vershina occupy leading positions in the market for such goods.

When choosing a ladder, you can get confused in the variety of models, because it is difficult for a non-professional to understand what distinguishes a quality product from an ordinary counterfeit at a high price. When buying a ladder, pay attention to the strength of the structure, its appearance and the absence of cracks.

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