How to beautifully fold napkins for a festive table: a variety of options [master classes]

Cutlery setting is essential - it can create a festive atmosphere on a typical day. You can complement the table decor with multi-colored napkins folded in the form of various geometric shapes or flowers. You can do this with your own hands using stationery. In this article, we'll look at how to use table setting napkins to surprise your guests with not only delicious dishes, but also unique decor.

Rules of etiquette in serving and using napkins

If this is your first time planning a table decor, a beautiful setting of paper napkins, then the first thing you need to do is figure out how to use this element correctly:

  • According to the generally binding norms of etiquette, fabric models are accepted lay on the collar or lay on your knees.
  • Whether it is a cloth, paper or knitted napkin, it should be taken only after the owner of the house. At the end of the feast, it is forbidden to put the product on the plate.
  • A cloth handkerchief is more suitable for putting it on your lap (if you leave the table, just leave it to the right of the plate or on the back of a chair).
  • Excessive use of scarves is not encouraged at the festive table. It is worth remembering this at banquets, business meetings and official events.

What color of paper napkins should I choose?

Most designers agree that multi-colored tablecloths, selected in accordance with the general color scheme, are a universal way of table setting. Solid handkerchiefs are perfect for a tea table or a business lunch. If you have chosen a tablecloth in a rich, deep shade, then the dining service should be done in white, beige tones. When choosing the color of paper napkins on the table, it is worth considering the table setting, the theme of the feast, as well as the color of the tablecloth and dishes.

White napkins will look harmonious in any table design. When choosing bright shades, take into account the effect of colors on the emotional state of a person - red and yellow tones give joy, and blue and green tune into a business conversation.

Using a colored tablecloth in combination with white paper napkins is one of the easiest ways to quickly decorate a festive table, solemnly receive guests and delight them with magnificent dishes.

Recently, textiles are increasingly used to decorate the table at home.Housewives prefer products with thematic inscriptions or slogans such as "Happy Birthday", "Happy New Year", "Happy Holidays".

In cafes and other public places you can find hand-made handkerchiefs with an embroidered company logo. It looks very stylish, original and creates a special atmosphere.

DIY napkins

Textiles have long been used to decorate the interior of the house. Even an ordinary white tablecloth can transform a table set for dinner and bring comfort to a family feast. This decorative element fulfills not only an aesthetic but also a practical function.

Fabric version

Each hostess should be able to decorate the table in an interesting way for the arrival of guests. We will look at how easy it is to sew napkins with your own hands and fold them beautifully for table setting.First of all, you should prepare all the necessary materials and tools that may be needed during the work.

To make a cloth napkin on the table for serving, we need:

  • scissors;
  • cotton, linen or artificial fabrics;
  • pins of various sizes;
  • A skein of thread for basting;
  • sewing machine;
  • iron.

The sewing process is as follows:

  1. The dimensions of the product can be very different, in this case it is a 50 by 50 cm square. After you have decided on the parameters, mark them with a pencil on the fabric and draw outlines.
  2. Now cut out the desired part and bend one of the edges by 7 mm. Repeat the action three more times and iron all corners around the perimeter of the resulting square.
  3. Next, you need to make a second fold - to do this, turn off one side by a centimeter and iron it with an iron. Do this with the adjacent side of the square, and then walk around the entire perimeter of the future napkin.
  4. Each of the corners must be expanded and carefully draw a line from the lower left corner to the upper right (diagonally). Repeat with the three remaining sides.
  5. The drawn lines will help you cut the fabric evenly at the four corners. Wrap those edges of the canvas that are located on both sides of the cut corner in the center. Smooth the top of the corner towards the center and make a second fold along the smoothed lines.
  6. All folds are sewn with a basting stitch along the perimeter of the product. The edges should be smoothed with an ordinary straight seam on a sewing machine.

In the video:how to process a corner on a tablecloth or napkin.

Set of crocheted napkins

Knitted napkins in a ring for setting the table or as a single design create an atmosphere of well-being and comfort in the living room or dining room.Any novice craftswoman can knit such a product. Making home decorations with your own hands, you enjoy the everyday little things. After all, a family dinner should be different from a lunchtime snack or breakfast on the run.

Crocheted napkins look exquisite and home-like. They are suitable for both holidays and everyday life.

It is not necessary to choose the most intricate napkin designs, because they will be almost completely hidden under the plates. However, it will not be superfluous to starch the products so that they do not lose their shape after the very first feast.

Tea Table Serving Napkin Set includes one large and six small handcrafted items. SOSO yarn (two skeins of white and dark brown color) and a hook 1.5 Clover were used for the manufacture.

With tight knitting, as shown in the example, there is no need to starch the finished product. The photo below shows a knitting pattern - it is suitable for a beginner.

On the video:a beautiful crocheted napkin in 10 minutes.

Serving with cloth napkins

Today there are two types of napkins - paper and cloth. The latter are usually used to protect clothes from crumbs and stains, while paper products are designed to wipe lips. Modern trends are aimed at the widespread introduction of precisely fabric models, they look more elegant and will last you much longer than paper counterparts.

Here are some popular schemes for folding a tissue napkin:

  • Megafonis a very simple way to design a paper or tissue napkin. First of all, you need to fold the product in half and once again repeat this action in the same direction, as shown in figure number 2. Bend the corners of the resulting narrow rectangle down and twist the figure in the form of a "bag". Finally, connect the two parts of the "bags" with each other.

  • The Southern Crossis an interesting and very simple layout of a cloth napkin that will perfectly fit into the decor of the dining table. Turn the garment to the wrong side and bend all corners to the center, observing the sequence. Then turn the canvas over and do the same. Repeat the action one more time and pull out first the upper right corner, and then all the other corners.

  • Jonkais an unusual form of a serving napkin, which is also sometimes called a "swan". Fold the product in half so that the fold is on the right. Then fold the rectangle again and fold the bottom half diagonally upward. Fold the left and right corners up, and remove the protruding parts down. Next, you need to roll the fabric back along the longitudinal axis, alternately pulling out its edges.

On the video:​​5 ways beautiful fold cloth napkins.

How beautiful to put napkins in a glass?

As we have said, there are many types of napkin designs. The simplest, but no less elegant, are the ways in which a handkerchief is placed in a wine glass, glass or glass. Thus, the product does not take up much space on the table, it looks neat and unusual.The two most commonly used technologies are "horn" and "tulip", you can see them in the photo below.

Methods of arranging napkins in a napkin holder

Napkins and other textiles are universal elements of a festive table decor. In order for the attributes of the feast to retain their original form, it is necessary to use special devices. Nowadays you can find all kinds of accessories for table setting in shops - rings, holders, ribbons and napkin holders. The latter can be of various sizes, plain or with patterns. It is not difficult to learn how to properly fold napkins in a napkin holder, below we will tell you about this in more detail.

Single and double fan

The classic table decoration is folding paper napkins in a fan.The simplicity of this design does not seem trivial, especially if the napkin has geometric patterns or solid colors, but in bright colors. However, for variegated canvases, a single and double fan is not suitable, since all their beauty will simply be lost in the folds.

To fold the napkins this way, follow these steps:

  • Fold each napkin diagonally across the square so that as a result, you have a symmetrical triangle;
  • Arrange the napkins in the napkin holder first in one direction and then in the opposite direction. This will create a double fan.

Bird with colorful tail

The original shape is a trapezoid. To bring this idea to life, you will need paper napkins in red, yellow, white and blue shades.The trapezoidal shape will serve as the base of our firebird's tail. The decorated composition must be installed in the holder, alternating colors in a suitable order. Next, we make the head and neck of the bird: roll the blue cloth into a tube and bend the tip. Add the missing piece to the napkin holder.

This table decoration looks creative and is perfect for a children's party.

Double-sided waterfall in a cup

Another good option for table decoration is placing napkins in the dishes. For this purpose, a sturdy ceramic cup with a low height can be used.What to do with the napkins? The answer is simple: unfold once and fold in half. We lay out the canvases one after another, bend in the middle, thereby leaving the center of the cup empty.

Multicolored models of napkins with unusual patterns will look especially impressive.

Beautiful figures of napkins for serving

For many, the arrangement of serving napkins in the center of the plate is classic. This technique is widely used to decorate banquet and buffet tables. Skillful craftswomen can create a real work of art with a simple napkin. This is not as difficult as it might seem, it takes a little patience and a willingness to experiment. Flowers from napkins are always in place, and making them is not difficult. You can take advantage of the famous origami technology by simply replacing paper with fabric.


To make a lily, fold the product diagonally and smooth out all corners carefully. Connect the right and left corners to the apex of the triangle, then fold the napkin in half horizontally. Finally, arrange the petals and leaves by turning the top of the upper triangle inside out.


The lotus can rightfully be considered the most difficult napkin figure to perform.On the website you can find detailed instructions on how to make a lotus from paper napkins with your own hands, as well as training video materials. If you wish, you can exchange comments with other visitors and find out unusual ways to decorate the table. Below is a diagram for folding multi-colored napkins into a lotus inflorescence.


green tint.Fold it into a square, then divide all five corners into five layers and fold them one by one towards the middle. Turn the shape over to the opposite side and symmetrically fold all the ends of the napkin underneath one another. Such decoration will organically look during the Christmas holidays.

The finished product can be supplemented with a bright star, sparkles, snowflakes or colorful ribbons.


This is the simplest design option for a cloth serving napkin. The original shape is a vertically folded napkin with a fold on the right.Now fold it in half from the bottom up and fold the top two layers of the left corner towards the center. The upper right corner also folds towards the center. Fold down the resulting triangle and fold the remaining corners towards the middle. The second triangle is thus superimposed on the first. Use the instructions in the picture below.


For Valentine's Day we decorate the table with napkins in the form of hearts. Making them is not difficult at all - for this you need red or pink paper napkins.Form a triangle, overlay the left and then right corners on top and flip the shape. Fold the top part down, turn part of the bottom layer to the left and right diagonally. Next, you need to alternately remove inside the small corners on the right and left, giving the napkin a heart shape.

Fan in the ring

This option is most suitable for the classic style of table setting.Spread out the napkin and place it face down. Next, you need to give it the shape of an "accordion" - for this, bend the product in half in the middle. That's all, the fan is ready. Now you can decorate the table with it by placing it on a special holder or putting it in a glass. And don't forget to spread the fan after positioning it.

If you are planning to decorate the living room for a children's party or a romantic dinner, then you can make a "firebird" based on a fan. However, for this you need colorful napkins with bright patterns.

Horizontal sachet

Fold the napkin in half, right side inward. When unrolling the canvas, make sure that the fold is at the bottom. Fold down one third of the top layer and turn the product over to the opposite side. Fold the two sides so that they meet together and fold the napkin again.

Diagonal sachet

To make a diagonal sachet, fold the napkin in four and fold the first layer of fabric 5 centimeters, repeat. Do the same with the second layer, tucking the corner under the diagonal roller and forming a small roller (up to 2.5 centimeters). Fold the fabric over the top and bottom and decorate the table with it as you wish.

Cutlery Envelope

For the envelope you will need a small three-layer serving napkin.Fold the garment in half with the wrong side out, so that the fold is at the bottom. Fold back a third of the first layer and fold the side edges towards the center (at the back they should touch each other), repeat the operation again.

The use of napkins for table setting has long been no surprise, because everyone can buy beautiful textiles in the store. If you are just planning to arrange a festive dinner for a few dozen guests or just want to surprise your family, then you have time to learn how to make interesting figures and flowers from napkins. Do not dwell on one design option and then you will certainly get an unusual composition.

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