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Guests in the house are always accompanied by different hassle. Every time you want to meet in an original way and surprise you with something. A beautiful table setting, which consists of certain rules of etiquette, will help to decorate the feast. The task of each hostess is to thoroughly know all the features and take into account different nuances. But, not everyone shines with knowledge in terms of decorating and table setting. This article aims to help and help out in any situation.


Serving according to the situation

Starting a discussion of many rules by which the table setting is done with your own hands, it is necessary to note the basic rules followed in any situation:

  • The serving dishes must be perfectly clean and dry.
  • The tablecloth deserves attention - it must be colorful and perfectly ironed.
  • The set of dishes must be exactly the same for each guest.


Very often serving at home is done according to the same principle... A minor change occurs if the occasion is a holiday. The rules for table setting differ in each specific situation. Here are some of the nuances.

For breakfast

It's a great idea to pamper your family with a beautifully served breakfast on a weekend. But, you need to be prepared for the fact that this is not a simple event. Initially, we stock up on the following elements:

  • The table should be covered with a tablecloth that suits the style of the room.Recently, runners, which are a fabric strip of fabric, have come into vogue. They do not cover the entire table, but occupy about a third of it.

  • The central position is occupied by a flat plate on which eggs are laid out beautifully.In the case when there is porridge for breakfast, a deep bowl is placed on the plate. Bright patterns on the dishes can cheer you up.

  • Next is the line for cutlery.On the right is a knife, the blade of which always looks at the plate. A tablespoon is placed next to it, followed by a teaspoon. On the left side, put a fork with the cloves up, and behind it a napkin. On the diagonal on the right is a coffee cup with a saucer and a spoon.

Next, there is a queue for food, it is placed on the table in the following way: croutons, buns or sandwiches on a small saucer diagonally to the left just above the main plate, sugar in a beautiful sugar bowl, jam in a rosette (in both cases, a spoon is provided). To raise a good mood, put flowers in a small vase.

For dinner

An indispensable attribute of table setting for dinner at home is an elegant tablecloth. Of the dishes, you will definitely need a couple of plates, since several dishes are served for lunch. A set of plates consists of shallow and deep. Place the soup plate on top of a flat plate.A soup tureen is used to serve the soup. On the table, she takes a place not far from the hostess. In this case, it will be more convenient for her to pour food into plates.

Appliances are laid out according to the following principle: to the right of the plates, a knife, a soup spoon follow each other, and a fork on the left side.

If snacks are served on the table in dishes that are not supposed to be eaten from, then special snack plates must be prepared. The oil is served in an oil can or in a small saucer. A small knife must go to him, but with a wide blade.

A glass of wine is allowed during lunch. In this case, the bottle with the drink is opened in advance and placed on the table.

For dinner

from an appetizer and one main course.You will need two plates, which are placed one on top of the other on the table. On the left, you need to provide two forks, and on the right, two knives.

By all the rules of etiquette, you need to start using those devices that are farther from the plates.

Next, disassemble the glasses. They are placed diagonally to the right in this order:

  • for wine;
  • for champagne;
  • for water or juice.


, which were described above, but has features in terms of decor. For example, for the New Year, you need to prepare the elements that are relevant in this case. To the festive decorationbackgrounds fit with imagination and creativity.

Let's imagine several ways, with the help of which the table setting for any holiday is performed:

  • Napkins of the corresponding theme.With their help piquancy and additional festive atmosphere are added to the decoration of the table. If you work on the napkins and fold them in a certain way, the effect will be completely different. You can add spectacular napkin holders and rings to them. If there are none in the house, then you can put them in crystal glasses.

  • Celebratory candles.With their help, romanticism and solemnity are assured. Do not be afraid, candles look gorgeous on the festive table for any reason. Here you need to pay attention to the color of the candles. The selection should be such that they are in harmony with the tablecloth and dishes. The location of the candles on the table depends on the flight of the hostess's imagination.

  • Decorative figurines.These elements can enhance the festive look of the table. Figures are selected directly to the theme of the holiday.

On the video:decor and setting of the festive table.

Serving for two

Having a romantic dinner for two - what could be nicer? Even if we are talking about a married couple, then a candlelit dinner will remind you of the most pleasant moments in family life.

The arrangement of devices is mandatory, but there should be elements on the table that fully emphasize the purpose of the dinner.When serving for two, the devices are placed in such a way that the participants in the event are located opposite each other.

Serving for 4 persons

When setting up a table for 4 persons, all general rules should be followed. But, you should pay attention to how to seat the guests at the table.Participants in the meal should be placed either in pairs on opposite sides of the table, or one on each side.


Serving Ideas

Although the basic rules of etiquette are the same in each case, nevertheless, with the help of certain nuances and techniques, you can diversify the decoration of the table and divide it into certain categories.


You don't have to spend a lot of money for a table to be beautifully decorated. A simple table setting can be decorated with fairly ordinary tableware.If there isbright plates and glasses, then you can get by with them. It's not bad if there are multi-colored dishes on the table.

Recently, ensembles that have a contrasting color are very popular. With such dishes, it is easier to create a mood in some sense.

If the dishes in the house are just white, then you get a classic serving option. All the elements used must be combined, from the tablecloth to the napkins.


Beautiful table setting is provided for special events. For example, for the birthday of adults or children. As in other cases, you need to start with the tablecloth.For a beautiful setting, it is necessary to pick up an original product. It is good if there are several types of tablecloths in the house.

For a beautiful composition, you can play with contrast. That is, if the tablecloth is dark, then we use light dishes and vice versa.

A truly beautiful table can be achieved with serving accessories. Many people use paper products for decoration, but the effect will not be the same.It is necessary to use textiles that will necessarily overlap with the decor of the tablecloth.

Many manufacturers boast chic sets of textiles for serving. It is necessary to plan the quantity at the rate of one per person. However, you should not completely abandon paper napkins. They are also selected in a single ensemble with textiles.


Anyway, table decoration is a whole art. Ideas can be different and they will tell you how to set a modern table beautifully. But, you should invariably adhere to the basic requirements:

  • The table cannot exist separately from the interior of the room.
  • Correct modern table setting necessarily echoes the newest trends of the time.
  • Cookware can have a custom shape or modern design.
  • The reason for organizing lunch or dinner is also taken into account.


Decorationa table in a certain style is performed if a theme party is planned.The color, shape, texture of objects and the materials themselves, from which the dishes and accessories are made, are necessarily taken into account.

A variety of salad bowls, sauceboats, teapots and trays are arranged under the chosen style. Dishes are also selected in accordance with the stated style. It is noted that even a familiar dish with properly selected dishes can be presented in an original and stylish way. Therefore, the ideas of stylish table setting and the composition of the menu originate from the theme of the celebration.


Sometimes the soul asks for an original table setting... In this case, all the traditional rules are needed and we begin to experiment with everything that comes to hand. Change colors and textures.Contrasting plates that are stacked on top of each other look original, as well as unusually folded napkins.

Small decorative elements will also give originality.If it's autumn outside, try to reflect it on your desk. For example, you can make maple leaf-shaped toast. For the New Year's table, we prepare Christmas trees and snowflakes.

Serving fruits on the festive table

Before you start serving the table with fruits, you need to prepare small sharp knives for cutting.It would be nice to stock up on tools that allow you to carve curly elements.

Further, when making a fruit plate, we adhere to certain rules:

  • Using bananas and apples, sprinkle them first lemon juice. This will preserve their original appearance and prevent darkening.
  • The fruit plate will look more interesting if it is decorated with chocolate chips, powdered sugar or lemon or orange zest.
  • Nuts, mint leaves or flower petals are used to decorate the plate.
  • Fruit should be served in a beautiful dish.
  • Skewers are often used to decorate a fruit plate.

An important point is the fact that only fresh fruit should be used for slicing. In this case, the dish will look beautiful.long time.

You can put fruit slices on a plate in different shapes. Most often they use the silhouette of a firebird, a butterfly, a tower.A children's dish is laid out in the form of some fairytale hero. On the anniversary with fruit, you can lay out a significant date. Table setting at home, the photo of which is presented below, will tell you the options for decorating fruit slices.

On the video:5 life hacks how to cut fruit beautifully.

Large dishes for table setting

A large dish in decoration takes the main place in the composition. All types of plates that are used during the feast must be placed on it. The appearance of the serving dish may differ from the rest of the dishes, this step will add originality to the design of the feast.

A large plate can be made of more expensive materials: silver or dark porcelain, but must be combined with the overall picture.

Dishes should be at least 50 cm apart from each other, and 1 cm relative to the edge of the table. The plate-stand is removed only before serving the dessert.

Table setting with figures

Traditional and irreplaceable elements of table decor are different figures folded from napkins, mini-figurines and candles.There are many design options, but most often the figures are selected in accordance with the theme of the holiday. It will also be correct to use vases with bouquets of flowers.

Glass table setting

Glass the table is beautiful in itself. When serving it, it is not very convenient to use a tablecloth, since it will constantly slide and slide. We draw your attention to some tips that will help you decorate a festive table with a glass surface.

Textiles on the table in the form of napkins must be present.This will eliminate the unpleasant sounds of glass when using cutlery and utensils and the discomfort when touching a cold glass surface.

It is worth focusing on the elegance and beauty of the table setting. The textiles will help hide the part that is visible through the countertop, that is, the knees and legs of the guests.In addition to standard napkins, the glass table top can be covered with a runner tablecloth.

Serving Tips


  • If the meal is incomplete, the cutlery is positioned as follows: the handles are on the table and the tips rest on the serving plate.
  • If there is a need to leave the table, and the process is not over yet, then the cutlery is laid on top of the plate crosswise in this way: the fork looks to the left with its teeth, and the tip of the knife to the right.
  • In the event that the meal is over and ready for the next dish, the knife and fork are placed parallel to each other slightly to the right, approximately in the position of the clock hands at numbers 4 and 5.
  • If you are done with the soup, put the spoon in the serving plate, which symbolizes the readiness to consume the next dish.
  • The napkin on the chair indicates that the guest has left for a while, and if it was left to the left of the plate, then the meal is over.

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