Give me a heart: souvenirs and gifts in the form of hearts

A souvenir in the shape of a heart will be a pleasant gift for a person who is dear to you. To do this, you will need a paper cut heart template. You can make a souvenir or a gift with your own hands at any time when you are overwhelmed with bright feelings. The person to whom the present is intended will be touched by your attention. Such a gift will add a touch of romance to your relationship.

There are traditional holidays or celebrations for which hearts are given:

  • Valentine's Day (February 14);
  • wedding anniversaries;
  • birthdays of dear people.

But the feelings that people experience do not fit into calendar dates. You can always present a gift with a piece of your soul when you want to please a loved one.

How to make a template

If you have the simplest artistic skills, let your imagination run wild. Draw a cutout template yourself, then circle and cut out.Simple stencils are often downloaded from the Internet. For this, it is better to choose vector clipart. They can be increased in size.

The easiest way is to redraw the image from the monitor screen, or rather to copy it. Place a thin piece of paper on the screen and draw a pencil around the outline of the picture.An even easier way to print a heart template for cutting on a printer. If you don't have a printer, dump the form onto a USB stick and use a commercial printing center.

More complex heart patterns with intricate patterns and inserts can be printed using a plotter (stencil tool). In this case, you will need the service of an advertising agency. Make any printout of the stencil on different media: thick, colored paper, glue base, etc.

What can be done with a heart stencil

Heart stencils can be used for many hand-made products, things made by hand. The value of such a gift is higher than that of a simply purchased souvenir, because a piece of your heart and warmth is invested in it.

Products from templates for cutting in the form of hearts:

  • Postcards . They can be heart-shaped or have attachments inside.By connecting several hearts and attaching them to both sides of the postcard, we get a three-dimensional image. Kirigami (as they call paper cutting and figurine making) is very popular among hand-made lovers.

Postcard with a heart inside
Postcard with a heart inside
Postcard with a paper heart
Postcard-heart made of colored paper
Postcard with hearts made of paper
  • Heart shaped pads . These can be decorative pillows for the sofa. Scented, filled with herbs, with beautiful applications, decorated with colored ribbons - different materials will do, the main thing is imagination and a desire to make an original gift.

Heart pillow
Photo Cushion
Heart Cushion
decorative pillows
pillow decor in the form of hearts
  • Photo or Mirror Frame . Stencils will become the basis of the future frame. Various materials can be used. For decoration, shells coated with acrylic varnish, colored thick paper, mosaics or pieces of ceramics are used. The picture in the frame in the shape of a heart will also decorate the interior.

Paper flower heart frame
Heart-shaped puzzle frame
Heart-shaped wall decor
Mirror in the shape of a heart
Souvenir-pendant in the shape of a heart
  • Napkins , made with cutting templates. Create a whole series of napkins with applique, pictures, texts. They will decorate the kitchen and will look cute on the festive table.

Heart Napkin
Heart of paper napkins
Knitted napkins
Heart-shaped potholders in the kitchen
Heart-shaped arrangement of paper napkins
  • Dessert . Another idea could be culinary dishes with the image of hearts. Sprinkle the icing sugar on the cake and attach the stencil. Also, you can cut the biscuit in the shape of the heart, then the cakes will be twice as tasty:)

Cakes sprinkled with coconut
Heart in heart
Mold for biscuits
Heart-shaped biscuits sprinkled with powder
Valentine's Day Cookies

Use these stencils to bring the furniture in your kids' room to life. The child will enthusiastically join this exciting activity. As you can see, templates for cutting out a fancy shape will be needed more than once to make various things. Do not rush to hide them, because you can give warmth to a loved one every day.

How to make a volumetric heart out of paper using a template (2 videos)

Patterns and souvenirs in the shape of a heart (45 photos)

Heart shaped potholders in the kitchen
Photo Cushions
Mirror in the form of a heart
frame-heart from puzzles
Heart Pillow
Postcard with a heart inside
Heart frame with paper flowers
Card with a heart inside
Heart Wall Decor
Colored paper heart card
Heart of paper napkins
Card with paper hearts
Dec oral pillow with heart
Souvenir-pendant in the shape of a heart
Composition in the shape of a heart made of paper napkins
Heart Napkin
Knitted Napkins
Heart Pillow Decor
Postcard with a paper heart
decorative pillows