Decorating cans from different materials and trendy design ideas

Decorating jars can be done in accordance with many techniques. Several techniques can be applied to one bank at the same time, combining them into a harmonious ensemble. To make the product neat and beautiful, you need to make a lot of effort, spend a lot of time on work.You can use any decorative materials and methods of their fastening, but before that, you should consider the design of the can and its further functionality.

Preparation before work

Before proceeding directly to decorating cans with your own hands, you should think over all the nuances that relate to this procedure... The preparation consists of several main stages:

  • First, the workplace is naturally prepared. Usually this is a table, the surface of which is covered with film or newspapers.
  • Depending on the types of materials to be handled, containers and storage containers are prepared.
  • Selection of material for decoration. This list will depend on the type of finish. In most cases, a means is required to attach the decorative elements to the surface of the can. Better to use a glue gun.
  • Additional means are selected for cleaning the surface of the cans. For metal it can be sandpaper, for glass - acetone, clay is not specially processed.

The choice of all materials and the cans themselves depends on where and how the finished decorative product will be used.It is also important to consider the design of the containers. It can first be embodied on paper, and only then transferred directly to the surface.

Decoration of tin cans

The decor of tin cans is considered the simplest. Such a thing can be used to decorate a kitchen, hallway or corridor.Since cans are quite durable and practically not subject to mechanical damage, they are often used as flowerpots outside.

The decoration of the bank begins with its preparation:

1. With the help of pliers and a file, sharp edges are removed at the cut of the lid.

2. Use a nail or drill to make several holes in the lower part so that excess water can flow out when watering.

3. Use sandpaper to remove any factory paint from the surface.

4. Buy plastic or clay saucers in accordance with the diameter of the container, if the cans will stand. This element is not needed for vertical placement.

Banks of such material are mainly painted with facade paint, although you can use the usual one.Staining can be solid monochrome or using stencils.The container can be decorated with additional elements: beads, ribbons and glass, twigs, bark and wire.

To be able to hang the jar, you can make a handbag from macrame-style threads or use ordinary wire to make a handle like on a bucket.

Such items are used as organizers for pencils and pens, towels in the bathroom, small screws and nails in the barn.Decorated tin cans are often used as candlesticks.For this, holes are punched in the container in the form of a pattern.

In the video: a master class on decorating a tin can.

Decorating glass jars

The decor of a glass jar is more varied, moreover, such a product has a wider range of uses in comparison with a tin counterpart. Since the shapes, sizes and colors of glass jars can be varied, the methods of use are accordingly different.

Storage for Spices

Small jars such as baby food can be reused for spices.It is better to design jars for the kitchen with your own hands in a minimalist style so that the decorative elements do not fall off and do not fall into the food.

First, the factory label is removed from the glass along with the adhesive. A decorative sticker is made of paper or it can be painted directly on the jar with paints.The cover should then be decorated. Most often, the decoupage technique is used for this.But you can also paint the surface or paste over with gift paper.

In the video: decoupage of glass jars.

For cosmetics and bathroom accessories

Larger cans are used to make containers for bathrooms and decorative cosmetics.Often, the decor of the cans in this case is minimal and it mostly concerns the lid. It is decorated with beads that serve as handles. For a more romantic style, the container itself can be decorated.

The most often decorative elements are ribbons, beads or beads, as well as a combined weaving of them. Often, the entire jar is simply showered with glitter and opened with colorless varnish.

An interesting option is the decor of a glass jar using the technique of spot painting. The result is very effective.

In the video: decor of cans for the bathroom.

A jar as a candlestick

Often, candlesticks or vases are made from such fragile jars. It is very simple to design such a product. Since both in the first and in the second case the product is used in extreme conditions, the only correct solution would be artistic coloring.

All kinds of patterns and designs are created with acrylic paints, in extreme cases it can even be nail polish.

These are the main areas of application for decorative glass jars, but their number can be easily increased. The main thing is to think over in what conditions the product will be used in order to choose the appropriate decoration technique.

In the video: decorative candlesticks from jars.

Trendy decorating ideas

In addition to the standard decorating of cans with your own hands, not quite etching methods of decorating them are often used. Recently, natural and natural materials are gaining more and more popularity, which, at least in a minimal amount, simply must be present in the interior of the room.

One of these materials is textiles, in particular burlap.It can be used to create stunning compositions on any surface, and cans of any material are no exception.You can sew decorative covers, flowers from burlap and glue them to the surface, just wrap the container around the perimeter.

Additional decoration can be: cereals, coffee beans, beans, twigs and much more. Similar to burlap, knitting thread can be used.

Another interesting solution in the field of decorating cans was the vine. In addition to the aesthetic value, it also protects the cans from mechanical stress.Thanks to the vine weaving technique, you can create a variety of compositions in the form of covers and cocoons, which can be additionally decorated or painted with other colors, forming an interesting pattern.

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