Color for the nursery of a girl and a boy: optimal solutions and design tips

Each parent tries to create the child's optimal living conditions. And the very first thing that is done for the baby is the preparation of the nursery. It takes into account many factors and nuances that will create coziness and comfort for the baby, as well as contribute to his psychological health. First of all, they determine the color of the children's room , and then take care of the rest of the design.

The nuances that influence the choice

They usually try to make the decoration of the children's room as bright as possible, using soft non-standard furniture. The main question remains - what color to paint the children's room or what should be the color of the wallpaper in the children's room? There is no definite answer to these questions, since the choice will depend on many factors.

When choosing a color scheme, it is worth considering:

  • gender of the child;
  • age;
  • crumb preferences;
  • psychological characteristics of the baby.

In addition, it is important to take into account the features that relate to the room itself. In many cases, the colors already chosen for the children's room are not suitable due to the following circumstances:

  • the location of the children's room;
  • the degree of illumination of the space;
  • dimensions of the room;
  • selection of furniture.

Please be aware that the original color combination is currently the original.Thus, it is possible to create zones for various activities of the child: playroom, place for recreation and learning. For each of the zones, you need to choose the appropriate color scheme.Dividing the room into zones will help teach the child to order.

The color of the nursery for the girl

The color scheme of the room for girls can be different - it all depends on the preferences of the child himself and parents' fantasies.Very often they choose a themed interior, fabulous or cartoonish ones are especially popular with parents.For such an interior design, pink will be relevant in the children's room.

This color scheme is universal, because:

  • any baby likes;
  • matches any other color;
  • has no negative effect on the child's psyche;
  • visually expands a small space;
  • brightens the room when there is little natural light.

If the wallpaper will have this shade ,, then here you can additionally use a floral print.This feature may be present on the wallpaper itself or on other elements of the decor of the children's room. A girl at any age will like such a romantic design, especially since you can decorate a room and set her own style with the help of other decorative elements, for example, furniture.

On the video: decoration of a room for a girl.

Room for a boy

Boys prefer a different color palette than girls - more contrasting.Among the designs for children's rooms for boys, the most popular are the following colors: blue and all its shades, as well as the entire spectrum of green.

The green nursery is suitable not only for boys, but also for girls.Choosing this color scheme, you can immediately solve several basic problems. As you know, green color calms and brings an element of harmony. For boys, this is only beneficial, since they are very active by nature.

One of the alternative solutions to green can be light green. He has the same positive qualities.

The color of the nursery can be blue, but it is preferable to choose its shade, for example, blue.It is suitable for less active children, its main feature is increased efficiency. It's great if you paint a student's room in this color.

These two colors can be combined, therefore, choosing one of them, parents automatically use the second color in the additional arrangement.The area for recreation or play can be decorated with green, but the workplace should be in blue.In such a room there must be indoor plants - they will support the overall idea.

On the video: a design option for a room for boys.

Versatile options

Green or white walls in the nursery is a versatile solution for both boys and girls.A cool or pastel shade of any other color is also ideal. Most often there are children in white, especially when it comes to a newborn.In the future, the walls can be supplemented with bright elements such as a photograph, fabric applique, painting or drawing of a child.

White is ideal in many situations:

  • visually expands the space of the room;
  • makes the room light;
  • can be combined with any other colors;
  • Suitable for any age and gender of the child;
  • has a positive effect on the psyche.

This list is the choice for many parents. As for green, it is in no way inferior to any other solutions.It is also permissible to choose such a color of the walls in the nursery as beige, peach, champagne and similar shades.

Choosing furniture

It is important not only to choose the right color scheme for the nursery, but also the furniture. It is important to consider comfort, safety and color here. It should be selected very carefully.Furniture should be in perfect harmony with the basic tone of the room.There must also be a combination of colors in which the furnishings and walls are decorated.

Photos on the Internet will help you decide on the choice of color for children's furniture, you can also view the color palette in the store's catalogs. There are special programs in which you can create an interior layout.Furniture, by design and color scheme, should stand out against the background of the walls.

Usually red, green, blue, purple or crimson furniture is selected. Several shades can be combined.

Furniture elements in this case will act as an addition and make the room more suitable for the baby.Often zoning in a children's room is carried out using flooring.Thus, the playing area stands out thanks to the soft, and most importantly, bright carpet.

Large soft toys can be placed in the space for a child, which in most cases act as chairs, beds and mini sofas. They can be contrasting, the main thing is that they are made of high-quality and environmentally friendly material.

The color scheme for the baby's room can be different, it is important to take into account the opinion of the child and not use too bright aggressive palettes for decorating the walls. Decorations and decorative finishes can be more contrasting.

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