Casino Party: Design Ideas

If on the bow party in the style of a casino, but no thoughts, you should use proven advice on how to conduct and design the event. With the help of ready-made ideas, it will be possible to take into account all the nuances, as well as to please both yourself and your guests.

Designing invitations

Ordinary invitations on paper or in instant messengers are boring! In order for the party to be successful, the mood should be created in advance. Invitations decorated in the form of playing cards or game chips will help in this. The original version of the invitation is cardboard folded in the shape of a game cube.

You can also print the original invitation cards to Las Vegas, decorating the envelopes with gold and monograms. They should indicate the venue, contacts and dress code.

Dress code

What to wear for such an event? The classic option is a luxurious outfit. For ladies - a dress to the floor with a neckline, sequins, lace, as well as high-heeled shoes. You can dilute the image with accessories - sparkling jewelry, gloves, a hat with a veil.

For men, a suit, tuxedo or just a neat vest with a shirt will suit. Necessarily polished shoes and conspicuous accessories - seals, rings, walking sticks and watches.

Guests should be guided by the style of "Bond and Bond Girl", however, at the request of the host of the evening, outfits can be more pompous if the theme of the evening revolves around the era of the 40-50s.

Room selection and decoration

Room selection for a casino-style party starts with the number of guests. The more participants in the event, the larger the hall will be required.

A small meeting can even be organized at home by covering the large table with a velvet tablecloth and opting for dim lighting (for example, with LED lights). The perfect design is in red, green or black and white (you can use garlands from card decks).

If there are a lot of people, it is better to rent a place in advance where there is a billiard table or roulette. It is also worth providing for the presence of a recreation area, additional seats, a dance floor, buffet tables and a photo area.

If you have an outdoor party, you can invite water, circus, fire show artists or organize fireworks in honor of the host of the holiday - just like in a real casino.


In a casino without staff, nowhere, because often it is the croupier who sets the tone for the game process. Even if the rules of the games are explained to the guests in advance, an experienced croupier will always help, explain the nuances and, on occasion, follow the cunning guests who have chosen the role of cheaters and fraudsters.

It is not necessary to invite a professional toastmaster to the holiday, you can appoint a croupier yourself. For example, a guest who is trusted by the host of the evening and who is well versed in poker, American roulette, blackjack or baccarat can become a guest.

Photo Shoot Space

When organizing a casino-style party, many people rent a photo booth or mobile photo booth. Such installations often use decorations in the form of cards, roulette, dice and thematic inscriptions ("casino", "fortune", "777"). You can use balloons in the shape of card suits or just in the color of the event (red, black, green).

Especially for guests, you can place a table with props near the photo zone: lace gloves, boas, glasses, cigars or carnival masks.

Menu and table setting

Classic table decoration in casino style - a small space for a buffet table with a large selection of light snacks, soft drinks and strong drinks. The atmosphere of luxury will help to create chocolate fountains, punch bowls, fondue, pyramids of glasses and fruits, ice cubes in an original form.

Much attention should be paid to glasses: they should be exquisite and varied - for different drinks. Cards can be used as coasters for glasses, and small portioned plates can be made in the form of chips.

Small savory and sweet snacks will be a good option for a buffet table: muffins with topping in the form of spades, clubs or three sevens, as well as canapes, puddings, fruit on skewers, portioned meats or tartlets.

Musical accompaniment

In casinos, music plays a big role, because it relaxes and sets the mood. The ideal option is blues or jazz music, as well as performers from the 50s and 70s. A good choice would be songs by Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Garland. From instrumental music, the atmosphere will be created by Gershwin's compositions, as well as soundtracks from thematic films ("Casino Royale", "Ocean's 11", "Twenty-one", "Lock, Stock, Two Barrels"). Modern dance compositions are also appropriate if they are sustained in a calm tone.


The main entertainment at a casino-style party is the gameplay itself! In advance, you should attend to what games people will play. The more varied the better. While some guests will be playing roulette, others will be able to scatter cards or take part in a competition. You can rent several slot machines, as well as stock up on themed board games ("Spin City", "Mafia"). The main thing is to print the rules of future games on beautiful paper in advance, so as not to explain this to the guests for a long time at the party itself.

You should not gamble with ordinary money in the format of an entertainment event. Better to print fake currency, which guests can then exchange for cool prizes at the end of the party.

During the event, you can interrupt for interesting contests: "Miss Fortune", "Mister Lucky", "Best Team", "Best Casino Style Toast". You can arrange small quests: find a marked card, collect the highest tower of chips, guess the location of the dice under one of several glasses.

As prizes, you can prepare a new deck of cards, a bottle of delicious wine, as well as awards and souvenirs related to the casino theme.