Calm nobility of beige (+37 photo)

The color scheme of the living space depends on the purpose of the room, on the result you want. If this is a room for entertainment, outdoor activities, then bright color combinations will be appropriate in it. And if the room is intended for rest, relaxation, then there will be no annoying, exciting colors in it. For a living room, bedroom, office, wall decoration in neutral pastel colors is suitable. The beige range in the interior is suitable for any style and gives each one a charm of sophisticated combinations of shades and accents.

Advantages of beige color

Noble beige of walls shows all its best qualities when it is necessary to combine with other colors. If you want to create an interior with a relaxing effect, you need to use different shades of beige, brown, sand. And in combination with white and black colors, you get a strict style in moderate colors.

For the "revitalization" of noble beige, decorating with blue, yellow, lavender is suitable. Another significant advantage of this color is its full combination with natural materials - cork, bamboo wall-paper.

Beige is a natural, natural shade of undyed cotton. It ranges in tones from light cream, caramel, to pale brown. It can have shades of yellow, sand, pink, gray, green. And all this will be a gamut of beige. It is considered a neutral color. The beige interior creates an excellent base for any design and is used in a wide variety of styles.

By combining different shades of beige, you can create a delicate, airy color scheme. This color, its play, depends on the color scheme of the room, on the lighting, on the location of windows and doors.

Living room in beige color

If you want to get the effect of airiness, lightness, living room in beige tones can be decorated with blue decor... The stylishness of the design is manifested in the composition of the main color and brown. If you need to add sun and light, beige should be used in combination with yellow, red, light green. For example, the traditional combination is gray - beige walls and brown textiles of upholstered furniture.

Brown - beige curtains in this case can serve as a unifying element.

Unique bedroom

What color combination can you fill your bedroom with? It is difficult to find a more suitable color than beige for relaxation and good rest.A soothing, delicate and soft color that visually pushes the walls apart. In such an interior, the combination with textured surfaces looks harmonious.In bedspreads and covers, there is faux fur, natural cashmere and wool, textured wallpaper on the walls, unpolished wood in furniture and wood trim of the openings. In such a combination, the natural naturalness of the original color will manifest itself most nobly and naturally.


Light kitchen with a beige tint

The kitchen is the warmest and most comfortable place in the apartment. The whole family gathers there for a meal, the hostess of the house spends a lot of time there. It should be especially cozy and comfortable here. In the design, you can use a combination of natural materials - wicker baskets and breadbaskets from a vine, birch bark tuesques and boxes, unpainted wooden shelves and stands and much more. Among natural materials, it is easier to breathe and you feel calm.

It is necessary to decorate such a room with bright accents. These are artificial flowers, beautiful embroidered napkins, bright light curtains in a rustic style. All these accessories will stand out brightly against the background of a neutral color.

Calming nursery

In a child's room, the beige color of the walls can play the role of the main background. If a boy and a girl live in the room, their zones can be separated by color. The decor on the wall, bedspreads on the bed, a rug under your feet - you can make drawings different in style and theme. And the walls in the room will be monochromatic - beige. They can be painted or pasted with plain wallpaper.

Beige bathroom

Bathroom in beige tones is a very fashionable solution. Construction stores now sell a variety of wall and floor tiles for the bathroom. Walls can be finished with pinkish edged tiles or individual décor elements. And cover the floor with brown marbled tiles. This is a very beautiful combination. In the color of the walls and floor, you need to hang the curtain on the bath. The golden pattern finish goes well with the main color.The universal color also combines well with delicate blue, peach, yellow colors, as well as with saturated green and red colors.

Additional space in the hallway

In most apartments, the corridors are narrow and cramped. But there is a rule that applies to such premises. Light walls visually increase the space. And beige is very appropriate here. Its combination with the brown color of the cabinets in the hallway is appropriate. Remember that mirrors can also "trick" your vision. Reflecting walls multiply. How can the noble range of beige colors be emphasized in the interior?

Bronze, copper, gold-like metal in the decoration of furniture, door handles and window frames, in the design of candlesticks will become a beautiful frame for it.

Bright beautiful vases, lamps, table lamps of complex design, bright floor lamps are appropriate against the background of an unpretentious gray - pink color. You can lay a carpet with a large bright pattern on the floor, and hang colorful paintings on the walls.

Color combinations:

  • Beige + yellow, orange - light saturated shades remind of time of golden autumn. The combination of yellow, red, orange, burgundy and brown in autumn colors against a neutral tone background looks very fashionable. Bright tones of these are suitable for the kitchen, living room. Slightly muted shades are good for the bedroom. For the kitchen, you can add more yellow, for the living room - more orange and light brown. Decorate the interior with bouquets of autumn foliage. They can be present in wallpaper or curtains.
  • Beige + blue. This color combination is a very daring option. Ultramarine blue cushions and sofa upholstery visually highlight the living room seating area. For balance, the same blue should be given to a coffee or dining table.

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