Bedroom and living room in one room: zoning and decoration (+36 photos)

Are you an owner of an apartment with a small living space? The question of a convenient and functional arrangement will help to solve the connection of two functional zones in one room. For example - a bedroom and a living room in the same room. This solution is very popular not only for small apartments. The design of the living room and bedroom in one room is being developed, trying to achieve more space, creating functional areas in the studio.

Simple rules and techniques widely used by professional designers will help to avoid the most common mistakes. As a result, the arrangement of the room will become as comfortable as possible, even if it has an insufficient number of square meters.

Separating functional areas

There are two ways to help combine the bedroom with the living room. The first method does not provide for the separation of the recreation area from the living room. It is based on the placement of functional furniture, in particular - a folding sofa, which can be easily assembled after a rest, and it will not take up much space. As a rule, this method is used for apartments where only one person lives.

The second method is the most suitable for apartments in which two or more people live. Here the sleeping area is clearly separated from the living room. The interior can be anything from classic to high-tech design. The main thing is to find the best way to divide the zones of the room in the most acceptable way: using partitions, shelves or curtains. Let's take a look at each of these elements.


Before choosing the type of partition, you should decide on the style of the room.The partition should organically fit into the overall design of the room and make it visually more spacious, and not overload it with an excess of unnecessary elements.


Before making drastic changes in the room, you should decide on the location of the partition. She will share the sleeping area with the bed and the rest of the room. There are several basic rules regarding the placement of a recreation area in a room that also serves as a living room:

  • It is better to place the bedroom area by the window.In the whole room, it is this place that is conducive to the most peaceful pastime. In addition, the sleeping area can be ventilated at any time by opening a window.
  • ​​

  • The improvised bedroom should be located as far as possible from the entrance to the room.

  • The interior of the living room should be planned in such a way that the seating area is not a walk-through.It is better to place it in a finished corner of the room.

The main thing is to remember that the successful placement of the bedroom and living room in one room should be comfortable for all residents of the apartment. During rest, a person should not feel discomfort and inconvenience. And those who work or watch TV in the public area will be able to enjoy a sufficient level of comfort.

Types of partitions

The modern building materials market opens up ample opportunities for imagination and implementation of variousprojects. Depending on what design is chosen, the partition separating the bedroom area from the living room in the room can be made beautiful and functional.

Stationary partitions

This type of partitions can be made of different materials, have different sizes and types. For stationary partitions, drywall, tempered glass, plastic panels, bricks, wood panels can be used. Materials such as translucent tempered glass or plastic can bring lightness to the interior of the room, making it visually more spacious.

The partition does not have to start from the floor and end with the ceiling. It may not reach the ceiling a little, or it may be memorized at a height of about one meter. In the second case, you can use it as a strip, put a pot of flowers on it.

Moving partitions

The essence of such partitions is that at any time they can be removed or moved. For example, for the day, the partition can be shifted to the wall, and in the evening it can be reinstalled. This solution is especially convenient if there is not enough free space in the room.The partition usually has small castors so that it can be easily moved across the floor.It can be made in the form of mobile shelving, folding screen, plastic, glass or drywall.

Shelves or racks

The partition does not have to be solid. This may be the construction of their drywall, which has similar niches and shelves. In addition, from the materials available, you can make some kind of shelving on which you can put books or any other items. There may be a small bedside table at the bottom of the partition. Thus, the partition turns into a functional piece of furniture, which at the same time allows you to hide and conveniently place some useful things, and thereby free up space in the room.


A very convenient solution that allows you to make the design light and comfortable, while separating the sleeping area from the living room. The curtain itself can be made of heavy curtain fabric. Behind such an impromptu partition, it will be possible to fully relax even when there is another person in the room.

You can also take a light, translucent weave. It makes the design of the room lighter and does not burden it with unnecessary elements. Roller blinds will help to make the interior more original.

The main advantage of curtain partitions is their flexibility and mobility. They do not burden the design of the room. The curtain or roller blinds can be pushed aside at any time, opening the bedroom area and opening up the free space in the room. If instead of a bed in the living room there is a sofa or sofa that can be assembled after sleep, no one will even guess that there is a bedroom here.


If a bedroom and a living room are located in the same room, its interior must meet the requirements of its residents as much as possible. For example, in one room with a bedroom and a living room, there will also be a work area. In this case, a desktop should be installed here, its dimensions should correspond to the availability of free space in the room.

The interior of the living room of the bedroom should be decorated with maximum savings in living space. Where it can be freed, this must certainly be done. When two or three functional areas are located in one room, there is a risk of piling it up with many unnecessary elements.

Therefore, we use not only horizontal, but also vertical space. We select a bed and other elements of upholstered furniture, which have compartments for linen and clothes. We use the maximum number of shelves. The design of the room with two functional zones will perfectly complement a wardrobe with a mirror. They allow you to hide things necessary in everyday life from prying eyes, and visually expand the room.

Do not forget about the ability of the color palette to make the interior more spacious. If there is a living room and a bedroom in one small room, it is better to design the design in bright, fresh colors. A stretch ceiling with a glossy surface will ideally fit into such an interior. The walls are decorated in light colors.

Small tricks

The design of one room with two zones simply obliges to use small tricks that help to significantly save free space in the room, while the interior will be as functional as possible.

  • A single room design can be divided into two zones by placing a partition in the center of the room.A bed is placed on the other side of it.
  • Using partitions, we divide the space of one room into several zones,for example - on one side there may be a bedroom, separated from the working area. The rest of the space is occupied by the living room.
  • To save space, it is better to hang the TV on the wallinstead of on the bedside table.

The main thing is to remember that the design of the bedroom and living room will be successful only if the functional areas are clearly separated. And the interior of the room needs to be carefully thought out.

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