Advantages of a corner bath: features of choice and placement options (+38 photos)

Creating a cozy bathroom is a difficult task. In order for all the elements to be combined and practical, you need to select only high-quality things. So, a corner bath in the interior can become a real highlight of the room.However, before putting all ideas into practice, it is worth familiarizing yourself with all the features of this sanitary product. This will avoid many mistakes.

Advantages of a corner bath

The interior of a bathroom with a corner bath is not uncommon in modern apartments and houses. This popularity is explained by the large number of positive aspects of this type of font, among them the main ones can be distinguished:

  • can be easily combined with other design elements;
  • installation does not require special knowledge, so you can carry out the installation yourself;
  • saves space;
  • despite the fact that the font takes up little space, it is large in volume;
  • has a modern look.

This bath is an alternative to outdated analogs. Along with saving space, such design elements have a variety of stylish and functional models.You can purchase a multi-colored bathtub with a hydromassage and even an automatic drain and fill control.

The advantages include a variety of designs. Corner baths are triangular, diamond-shaped and rectangular (with a beveled side).

On the video: decoration of a bathroom with a corner bath.

How to choose a corner bath?

For a bathroom with a corner bathtub to be comfortable, practical and at the same time cozy, it is necessary to know several features of choosing this product.A cascade built-in mixer must be used to quickly fill the hot tub.​​Hanging is also suitable. The most common material for making such bathtubs is acrylic.

The market offers a wide range of products with different price tags. But it is better to choose a product with a cost above average.Because cheap products are prone to splits quickly. Plus, expensive bathtubs have more varied colors.

Cast iron and steel baths are the least in demand. This happens for several reasons:

  • steel is a good conductor of heat - therefore it heats up quickly and cools quickly;
  • steel baths can be in operation no more than 10 years;
  • cast iron heats up for a long time, but also keeps the temperature for a long time;
  • Cast iron baths are heavy and expensive.

Plastic products can also be found on the market. However, they also do not differ in strength and durability due to the constant exposure to hot water. When choosing a corner font, you should also think about the general style of the room. The shape and design of the product will depend on this.Austere and triangular bathtubs are suitable for a classic bathroom. But for high-tech design, rhomboid fonts are most often used.

Corner baths can be divided into several categories depending on the size:

  • small - 140x140, in such a font fits one person;
  • medium size - 160x160, enough space for two;
  • the large sizes of these products start from 170x170, are distinguished by their luxury and no longer carry the function of saving space.

Placement options

When choosing the size of the bath, it is worth considering the area of ​​the room itself. For typical bathrooms, there are several options for placing fonts:

  • In the interior of a large room. Designing a bathroom with a corner bathtub in a large space is very easy. Here you can no longer think about ergonomics and focus on sophistication. The most common option is to install a multi-level floor in the center of the room. To finish such a solution, you can use different tile options: mosaic, stone, glossy tiles. Another placement option is in the corner. Panoramic windows add unusualness to this option. Typically, such a corner bath is used in the interior design of resort hotels.

  • In small the room. The modest size of the bathroom does not allow designers to show all the beauty of this type of font. However, it was for small rooms that corner baths were created. They are installed strictly in the corner of the room. This is the only way to achieve space savings. To visually expand the space, light-colored finishing materials with mirror surfaces are used. It is better to make furniture and general decor also light, adding bright details. Hanging shelves and cabinets can be selected.

  • Unusual shapes of rooms. Photo designs with these fonts will help to understand how corner baths look in the interior. Such options attract designers with the complexity of combining all interior components and, at the same time, with a very attractive result.

a room with a corner bath, follow these tips:

  • To equip such baths, you need to purchase custom-made furniture. This will allow you to combine it with a bath of different shapes.
  • For unusual room formats, it is better to choose small or medium sized fonts. Large models will look ridiculous and ruin the whole design.
  • As for color solutions, there can be a lot of ideas. In such rooms, you can not be limited only to light colors.
  • It is recommended to use small details - paintings, candles, vases with flowers and fragrances.
  • Unusual forms can be emphasized with the help of decoration - patterns and ornaments on the walls, ceiling and floor.
  • It is also a good idea to create a unique backlight. It is important to consider all the variety of room shapes. There are illuminated corner fonts on the market, which can also be used to decorate the interior.

In order for the bathroom with corner fixtures to look attractive and easy to use, you must remember these recommendations. Most of them concern the dimensions of the product itself. After the correct selection of the bath, you can start installing, decorating and complementing it with other decorative elements.

It is important to remember that all the components of a room must fit together and work towards the same goal.Only then will it be possible to create a unique and beautiful interior, in which the bath will not be a huge impractical thing, but a convenient design solution.

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